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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Van Buren Liberty...

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Friend Foster : - In Cunvcntion held in Paw Paw on the 5i!i ol Oct. according tn notice. Silns Breed wjs called to the Chnir, and C. D. Grimas uppointed Sccretary, whon on rnoiion ut Mr. Brown the Con veniitm procecded to ballot for the ollowmg uffi cers : - For Representative- Silas Breed. ' Coumv Judgc - U.ivid Woodmnn. ' Second Judjje- II. D. Gernsey. M Trcusurcr - Saffurd Godfrey. M Couiv.y Clerk - D. C. Grimea. 11 Register ól Decds - D. C Grimes. 41 Sheriff- Asa'ael Bryani. '' Cüunij Surveyor- John L. Marvin. Coronera- Uncl L. Curnea, and Resin Bell. After which R. D. Gernsey, Saniuul Grime■ lid Asnlie! Bryant wco clloaen Corresponciinö Coniniitice tbr the ensuing yo-. Our inenting was auendcd wil'u considerable ntgrost, and quito a UrgP audienco to hear Ihe in:eresting nnrrativcof Mr. Bibb, which wehopv has reulied in nutch good iü the cnslaved nu.liona of our land. lwould aak throagh iho merits of jour paper why Vaa Buren (Jounty is thus ncglcc'ed by the Counties of St. Joseh. Berrien and C:ís, as it a.ipears frnm notico in the Signal ihat they hnvt held o Senatorial Conveotion without giviny any notico to this coumy. We tlunk it unfait - they niusi hivo known that ün couniy has an orginized liiburty party with between GO and Í00 Toters, and n Correspondme Comniittee by which tht-y mijjht have cominunicnted. Thev Jiave it appears, nomina'.ed James L. Bishop anc A. W. Kitii.' as Senators ; men thttl we have peyer hejrd of beforo. It" wc can g:t any im formation of them, and tlieni to be truc friend to th.o c:iuse of humanity and the slave vrt wül givo then our voto, notwithstaiiding we rethu8shhted. Tlicy have appointed Wells Crumb as Corresponding Comniiaeo for this Coun'.y. VVe havo mado ame inquiries to lean jf there is ach a Liberty man iu this county- vre have not is yot learned; il there is, wc would bo glad to be made acquaititcd with him, It is hoped that these thingo mightbo made right, and thil this county can havo a representación wiil them. Youre tiuly,