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Telegraph Station At Detroit

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Mr. Ely, tho agent of the Telegraph Company, has written that he expecte to be nt Detroit, in a few days for the purposo oí soliciting subscriptions to continue the lincoí communication to that city. He estimatcs the cost oí extending it froni Búllalo to Detroit a' $70,000, and desires to gain $10,000 of it from the citizens of the latter place. Wore he tliero now he would probably find niany willing subscribers, especiaily among the dealers in rain - for ihcy havo recently had a sÜght illustration of tho disadvaníage under wliich thev lubor.On thu arrival ol the Cunard Stenmer at Boston latt week. the inidligencc brought by her, at oncecaused an advanco in Flour. When the newsreachcd Builiiloby Telegraph, a speculator despalched an exprees by land lor Cleveland, where ho bought very largcly beforo the holders of grain had any idea of such an advance. Finding tliere, a bont about setting off for Detroit, he look passage, and on arriving therc would Jiave playcd over the same game, had not the dealers been put on their guard bysomeintimations from one of the pnesengers, who had ainedsome clue to the ne.vs. Sules of i'iour svere made at $4,25, though hoving been down as low as $3.90. Lei the wirea be put up round the Lake, and the trouble of such expresses would be saved.