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This was the sign placed over the dooi of oíd Doctor Cotton Mather's study,as an admonition to all visitors. Business men and sensible rnen do not ahvays need such an exhortation, as thcy know the value of time too well by personal experience. Congres find the advanfage of being short. Randolph, Wise, and others, used to speak six hours at a time in the House. Now, the inexorable mallet of the Speaker stops everv Ionuacious member at theexpirafion of his hour, whether lie have just commenced his discourse,be cxactly in the middle, or about to wind off. - Knowiirg the rule will be enforced, the members are careful to condense what they have to say in as few words as possible. The effect of the rule has been v.ery beneficia!. Encouraged by the experience of Congress, we think of adopting in our business - not an "one hour rule" exactly - but rathor a one column rule, for the benefit of our correspondents, as well as of our readers : for both would be gainers byit One column of our small type contains about twelve hundred words - enough to enable a man of sense to say a great deal. And i f he have a very important subject, he might make another article upon it This would be preferable to four or five columns at once. Such very long Communications are passed over unread by a considerable part of the newspaper readers. Hcnceforth, then, correspondents will understand ihat we have a special aversión to long articles ; and ifthey come, itisten to one thatwe shall shear them down to our standard or decline their publicatioa