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MaílIC- A Manchester, Ñ. H., correspondent of the L-oston Star, wriles ihat a beautiful girl f rom Saco, Me., an operative ti ono óf the milL-, poisoned heríelf on the night of the llth inst. 3he had been seduced, under promise of mrri.ige, b a mcrchant, who had lefi OW'l!.fllassachnsctfs.- Pcrhaps .1 pan of the wonder ful prosperity and growth of Boston may be account ed for, frora ihe facl wliich the recent census has elicted, that there rre but three hundred and forty families who keep more than two domesties, and four thousand four hundred and one who keep help at all ; wliile there are fifteen thousand seven hundred and seventy-four families who live in household independence and do ticir own worlc. VcrïllOilt.- ASVLU.M FOR THE Lsane, Brattleboro. - By theTenth Annual Report which has just been published, the institución, says the Asylum journal, appears to be in a prosperous condition. The n'ew buildings have been completed and are nearly fílled. 4G0 haveenjoyed its advantages the past year, 197 have been admitled, 162 have been discharged, 91 have recovered. The terms are fixed at two dollars per week for the first six months, and one dollar and a half per week afterwnrds. Patients from other States are received on the same terms as those from Vermont.iVeW Jersey .-Mr. Stevens' peacl orchard in New Jersey, will this yeai yield hirn 80,000 baskets of peaches, which will nett him about fifty cents per basket, a gross income of $40,000. Peiaiisylvasiia.--A complete map of theStaíe oí Pennsylvania, wrought in lace - ín which the towns, counties, rivers, &c, are aJl distinctly shown - each county being worked in a style of lace different from those adjoining - is being exhibited io Baltimore, ana commands much admíration.Mr. Warden, of Philadelphia, has just completed a splendid silver pitcher, te be presented to Gen. Zachary Taylor, in commemoration of tjie victories of Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma. It stands on four eagle's claws, and is enriched by the most beautiful and appropriale chasings. The cost was 8200 ; it weighs 20 ounces, and is nearly hvo feet high. - The donors are a commiíteeof gentleman of Louisville, Ky.,and it is worthy of their muniicence. A clergymcu ir. Pittsburg, feeling tliat his salary was more thun sufíicient, applied to his congrogation to have itreduced. This they refused to do, and the clergyman annualíy contribules a large portionofhis salary for benevolent purpose.SoulEl Cai'dlína.- An anímate discussion is going on in South Carolin with regard to the propriety of alterin the organic law of the State so as í provide that the Electors of Presiden and Vice President, as well as the Gov ernor and Lieu tenant Governor shall b hereafter chosen by a direct vote of th people. Under the present mode, they are all chosen by the Legislature. - Ad vocale. FSorïila. - Bagdad, in the woods naar Peiisacóla, contains a cotton factorv, and five onterprisingcitizensof Pensacola have jii&t established another in Arcadia, at a cost öf 860,000. The operatives are al! black girls.Wisconsiit- The Conslitutional Convention of the Territory is in session. Wc notice that some of the members are "death on banks." The Committee on that subject have brought in a report forbidding the Legislature to incorpórate any institution for banking, or confer banking powers on any company or perron : and any person tnoidDg or issuing any paper money, to be fined not less thau 610,000, aud imprisoncd not less than five years. Any porson circulating notes or paper nioncy issucd in the State to be fmcd 500, and imprisoned not less than thrce monlhs. Noration símil reccivc deposils of money, mak e discount, or buy or sol] bilis of exchange under heavy penaltics. These extravagant proposals show the growing dislike of the labo ring classes to banking institutions : but it ís not probable that they will be adopted in tln's shape. The Convention have by a djscussed resolution ordered Iwenty ncwspapers to each member. Upon what a magaificent scalo they are beginning things. Illinois - We understand that ïf the Telegrapli should bee.xtonded to Detroit as is intended, it could be extended fromt henee to Chicago, fer Our citizenstaking as nroch stock as would complete the ]ine from Michigan City to this poiut, thepeoplo of Michignn City and intermediatc points, finishing the line from Detroit to ihe City .-Chicago Journal. OregOBl.-They have a novel currehcy in Oregon. One of their laws enacts, that in addition to gold and silvcr, treasury drafts, approved orders on solvent merchants, and good rnerchantable wheat at the market prices, delivered at such places as it is customary for merchants to receive whcaf, shall be lawful enders for the payment of taxes, and udgementá rendered in thcCourisofOregoa Territory; and for the payment of all debts.