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O YSTEJiS.' O YSTESS ' ' OYSTEKSí! ihc chuwbi of Do,roh ami vicmiiy wnii OYSTERS! Of n superior quality, at thc lowest pnces. TUev v.ll reccive hy express, and kwp constnnt%, ," hJ. SHELL and OPEXED OYSpi ,,a 1llally hot cannot he surpasscd - They wlll be put in Cr.ns or Keas thai hold from one quart to iv.o gallon. We do not wish you uyu3OUr füreabove, but to cali and (D-AI! onforsíeft at iho Rail Rond ÍJoíeí tïnÏÏÓn 'lia "''" meet Whh ininiedíaíc a' KOWF & Co. „fftln, P S o!VM'íf"EWMgt. Detroit. Detroit, 1846. 2c3mJUSTARRIVED B Y EXPRESS. npiJE Mozirt Collection of Sucrcd Music, hv ish wórd' Miserere b 2isnrelli With EngJÍIusicwi!IpIeasecaIIad--- October 7: 1ÏW. 2g6_tf ___- ■ - „ WAXTED, at Perry's Booksloro, T V ,pons clenn Coiton and Lincn IWs, 1 1 on Beeswoi, nnd 3500 Dollars in cash, W the largcst aïaorlmetu ot Uooks and Stntioneryeveroflèred in thia v lüugo. and ar hi Usual low prices. Ana Arbor. Upper Village, Otet. 7, 1&4G. ytc-tf E. G. BURGER, Denlist, FIRST KOOM OVER C. JI. & T. W. ROOT's STORE, CRANK & JEWETT's BLOCK, 'jL ANNARBOR. 'He LIBhKTY MIN ü KEL '" KS ..on of popular work are for enle tbfl bisinjil . ..tuce at 50 cents single, or ÑJ.50 er düzen. Terms Cash. Now ,s the linS fur Ibeflj to sujiply themselves.TO COUNTUY 31ERCHANTS. nnlIE Subscriber hos constanily for sale JL good oottcrtent of beavy WOOLEN CLOTHS, ell adaptcJ 10 tliccuiiiiry market whtch he wiïl il at wholoÊuIc or rota,!, vkky luw. Il and sje tbem at ibu Mnbvttan Sto.k 275-tf W. A. RAYMOND, Detroit. COUNTY ORDERS. PHE Ugheai price paid in cash by G. F. Lew. .co ínkrSP' Br,ker? O)"0SÍ'lt' thc hsSltJ Í f n f-''",0 U' Achican; n!so ibr S.a-e Döc j' lS45 241-j;