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Ladies Benevolent And Antislavery Association: For The Signa...

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A meeling of the Iridies of Franklin friendly to the Slave was convenecJ at tho Presbyterian Meeting House on tho I8th of Sopt., for tlie purpose of listening to an addiess, and formmg n Society. Mrs. S. Davis was called to preside, and Mrs. C. P. M. Bnrrows wns appointod Secretnry. After some preliminnry business, prayer was ofiercd by Rev. Mr. Barrows, and nn ah!e and nteresting address wns dclivercd by Mr. Moody. A Con8lhution was adoptad similar to that ubliahed in the Signal of June 20. The following ara tho the offleers : President. Mis. R. SMITJÏ. Vice Presidenta. Mrs. F. Smitu, " B. Hüster, " Van VALKK.s-Buno, " F. Jennincj, 4 S. Masoh, L. Wood, A. Bebek. Secretary - Mrs. C. M. Biirows. Treasuror - ' W. Kkyks. Exectuiive Commitlee. Mrs. J. Hamptox, Miss A. Hunter. ' B. RoBtxsoN, " II. L. Bkbf.:, " S. ÖAV(S, " A. HüBBAHD, " F., f P. Blaik, Mrs. E. Coi.kman. On motion, voted, thn. tlie bepubi&hcd in tho Signul of Liberty. S. DA VIS, Pres't. C. P. M. Barhows, Scc'y.P. 6. We lia ve held ecverol meetings for work and iliink the interest of the slave grently ncreased by tliese eflorts. Ia not this the greai bject of {órnalo orgonizatión, to clicit inquiry - prcad ligUt. and to excite the svmpithy of thosc who cannot be recchcd by other mc.ins 7 'Twcrc Gingnlar indeed f wornan 6liould remain silent and inactivo, with respect to the great nornl enterprisc of' the age. Is woman intcrested in gtving the Bibleto all? Vhat Biblc Society sliall ehe patronize 7 How an the Bible reach the slcve? He lacks the read of life aad asks for it 7 You offer him a libie - you might n well offer him a stune ! - ie cannot own it - he cannot read it ! Givc ïiin li 3 man-robbcd, tliough God givcn riglns. efore you mock him wiih a preeent of the Bible. But womsn 6 intcrested in tlic Missionarycncrprise. Slie would do her part in prenclung io Goepel to every creature. What Missionnry ocicty preaches glad iidings to the poor s'.avo ? Vho but iho Antislavery Adviento, " proclaims iberiy to the captives " T Shall not the triends F the elave concéntrate tneir power and influence n lilis grnnrl cause, and bccome emphatically of ono dea " 7 Whnt moral enterprise does not inger and wait for theslave's redempiion 7 Are vc advocates for pcaco 7 Slavery is perpelual ar of temporance 7 A Slaveholding commuiiy can never bo températe. Of Sabbath Schools nd universal education 7 How edúcate the laves ! You sce why we .hould regnrd this as the great moral cnierprisc of the nge. But what h;is woman to do with Slovery 7 - Vomen nre Slaveholders- npologists for Slivery - nnd moro than a müüon nnd a h.Vf of our felow countrywonien are 6laves, Havo we noi omeihing to do 7 i1 Shall we behold unheeding Liie's holie8t feelings crushed; While woman's hoart is bloeding Shall woinan'a voice bo hushed 7 "