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Austrian Amusements

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The síream of thoughtlcsshess and gniety flows n uninterruptedstreams through the Austrinn capital. Amusement is the object of universal pursuit. The theatres, dancing-saloons, and gaming tables, are temples ever tb ron ged with ardent votaries. No man is permitted to takcup his residence in Vienna, till he can prove that he is able to live therc. In thebusy throng which crowds the pavements of this voluptuous metropolis, or rollintheir chariots under the overshadowing elms of the Prater, the most bcautiful park in Europe, may be seen the haughty Hungarian baron, with his gallant bearing, his gorgeous a!tire,his magnificent retinue and his feudal pridc ; the mindless, smiling Austrian, without cither a thought for the future, or a reminiscence of the past ; tho Bohemian noblo, with strongly marlend countenance and frame ereci withirnagined superiority over the whole glittering throng ; the wily Illyrian ; the Italian, polished and courtly, smiling upon the monarch, whom he in heart relentlessly hates, as the conquerorof his country, and in whose breast he would gladly bury his boniard ; and the Pole, with a shade of melancholy and self-humiliation mingling with his noble features, as in labored forgetfulness of his country's wrongs, he abandons himself to the mirih-loving crowd. The result of the universal dissipation to which this city is surrendered, may be seen in the fact, that while in London but one in forty-five dies annually, in Vienna onc in fifteen is each year borne to his grave. This is a degree of mortalily probably unprecedented in any other city of Europe. -