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Royal Expenses

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I he royal pair in England have ttcelte thousand acres of land in all appropriated to them and their deer - this is the quantity of land in the royal parks and jrounds. They have thirly thoxisand deer ranging these grounds ; land is expensive.and ihere is not too much of it. - [t is truc that a few people are begging jread all about, but then thirty thousand deer are requisite for royal state. Many a poor creature in lreland would be glad of half that is expended upon one little dog at VVindsor. As dogs have been namcd, let us leave St. George's Hall and the pictures for the present, and takea snufFof stables and kennels, and equestrian palaces. An appropriation was recently made in Parliament of three hundred thousand dollars to rebuild these appurlenances and accordingly they ar luxuriously large, neat and airy. The rows of gray ponies - there are forty when the Queen is here - look sleek and comfortablc as if they knew what royal horse fare was. Among the horses is a Java nag about the hoight of one's knee, presented to the Queen by some eastern potentato. Several of the royal carriages are plair. - such as you might drive at Philattelphia without x;ting atfentlon.