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Ann Arbor is becoming quiic a lilerary ]lace. We have now eight papers regulaily published in the villnge. Il may gratify somc of oui distant readers if ' we state their naincs and charactcr1. The State Journal, o. WbJg Abolition Ueform paper. '2. The Michigan Argus, the organ of Conscrvative Democracy, or that class knowh as '-Oid Hunkers." The Truc Democrat, the organ of the Young Dcmocrats, or the Reform portion of the party. 4. The Signal of Liberty. 5. The Ann Arbor American, the Native paper. Ilere are fivo weckly papers offour political partios. ü. The True Tocsin, a scientific, reform papor, just removed from Jacksun. Semiinonthly. 7. The Gem of Science, srmimonthly, devwted to Phrcnology, Magnctism, &c. 8. The Primitivo Expounder, the' State paper of tuc Universalist dcriOmination. Semimonthly. The nggrogta circulation of nll these publicatior.s we suppoo to be equal to about 5,000 papers a week.