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Liberty Meeting

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At a niecti;ii: f the Liberty party ol ilio iow ;f .Miles, heli) ui ihe Sul oii vu the r.veuinu i t:io '2(Jih ins. J. I. Alexundcr wn ajipuinter (Jh.iinnan. and John ürr was chosen S'.'cre UI}'. Tho moóting being ornnizt'd, a conimunica litiu in i!i el);ie of a printed liiuididl. dicd Oo i. Ir.-Iü. w:j8 preseined 10 ihe meeting, wliic tiaseincc Leüi pubiijthed in tlic Wilcs Courier i li.s plcc, iliu [lurporl of-vv.bicli 4 its fillows : A l ttcr fiom fiva men in Calhoun mg Üie:iise:vC3 Liberty men. eddreseed 1.0 J.tnir Wiielu Girdon, t!ic Whig carxlidute Cor Cui 4rc3, in which tln.-y propóaed to liirn oortnin in ■urniaii-us with royard to hts views on the &ti!) ;cct of Sliu't-iy. and wliat isiight bc expected Irji uini in caaa ui lus .lociion. And (hen folio .va Mr. Gordon' rrply of ih ■i 11 v.c date. On uioiion of John Orr, a comniittcc of thre .jersonB vvere spppliUed Uy the cliuir lo rojio; leöüiiiü.'iis lor action of the ir.ectiüg oti mi ;i.n)diill. The foMowing gentlemen composed iho mm uiittee, viz : John Uir, Alihou Coinly nnd E. S Cracker. In the absence ol'the commiutc, J. M. Stuar ot iNilus, on uiviííiiijii, addrc-BseJ the Dlpeuiij uigiiij: iheclaitns of ihe AViiiye to our supjiort on iheground ib'at ihe party niw occuj)icd mat and uoi. y giound, ba ving maiio ciikat advauccb A niimber of othcr genilcmcii nddresued th möeVmjr. On ihe return of the conimittee the foüowin reaüluiions wcre presented wiuch ofter a lire ex presaio ofojiinion, in which tiiegieatest harmo ny piev.iiled, werc unaniinonsly nduptcd : Ited'ilved, j Hal we view wuli dtiiep icgrut (hé cifjrts of certaia individuéis witliiri hls Conyrrossicnal dieinei, to induco inembers of the Liberty uny to ciffl thoir support u o notninèe at onc of i Ij j old püiMes. Resolved, That wc our brethron of tiii.dietrict nil to bedeectvod by such devices, r.s ii is a muvemciit of a few nlividuuls and nol o: ihe n ty. flesolved, That wc hatc tho utmost confidenco in the nhilny and integrity of our p.eseni noniinated candidato, Eraétup ÜUE&ey, end duig? (j 'mm our cordial support. Resolved, Tlint we deern it suicida] to t!in in t2i'C3!uof the Liucrty party to abandon our own candid.iies. Rt'B'jtved, That tlie {irocedinga of thia rneoti ig ba piibliührd in the villuge papero and iti ihi ignal of Liboty. J. Í. ALEXANDÈR, Ch'n. JoiiMOhr, Sec'y. Notk. Tlio preceding was rtoeivod too laie or lust weck. 07 Soiiicbjdy snys that li'ippincss is in the jroportion of the number of thing we lovc, und f tho nuinbcr of thiogi that love utt