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Georgia, llns otate has returnod four Whigs and four Democrats to Congress. Florida. It issaid lhatCabell,Whig, has been elected to Congress. This is a novelty under the sun. The new States, for a generation past, we believe, have been under tho control of the Democratie party. New Jersey. The Whigs have elected four out of the fivo members of Congress ; same as last year. New York - Congress. The Whigs elect 21 in the districts which wo set down for them yesterday. The Domocrats elect the remaining 13 - including Gen. Petrie, in tho Herkimcr, and Francis Seger, in tho St. Lawerence districts, the independent candidates. Legislature. - It is probable that the Whigs have succeeded in the 3d, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th districts, and the democrats in lst, 2d and 4th. The latter will therefore have a majority of 10 in the Senate. There is yet some doubt about the House, though wo are confirmed in the opinión that the democrats have it by a small mnjority. We cannot yet teil tho preciso majority for Mr. Young. It will be somewhere in theneighborhood of 10,000 - Pilol. In N. York City, the majority against the new Constitution is 18,017. The vote on Free Suffrage was for it, 5,429 ; against it, 29,946. Majority against it, 24,697. Omo. The Liberty vole for Gover nor, as far os returned, is 10,708. Bebb's majority, it is supposed, will be about 2,01)0. Pennsylvania. The Whigs havo gained 14 members of the House. Iowa. - This State has been in doubt, hut the papers now state that the Democrats have the Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurcr, Auditor, Members of Congress, and two United States Senators.