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Michigan Election

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According to all accounts thus Far, the Democrats have carried the State about as usual. ThO Senate will consist of 22 memoere, of whom the Whigs have two, the Democrats 20. Last year the Whigs had one Senator, who holds over. The newly clected one is Lathrop of Jackson.The House will consist of 66 meniber of which the Democrals have elected 51, the Whigs 13, two doubtful. Last year tho Whigs had 14 members in a House of 53. For Congress, McClelland is reported to have a majority of 1240 : viz : VVayne Co. 410, Monroe 850, Hillsdale 150, Lenawee 130. Lawrence' mnjority in this county is about 300. In the Second District, Eradlo y ha a majority of 600 or 800. In the Tliird, Bingham succeeds against Wisner : his mafority is unknown. As a U. S. Senator is to be eiecicd this' winter in the place of Woodbridge, for six years, the Democrafs will send yhora tSey piense. Thns the State in all its departments, will be as Democratie as sham Democracy can make it.