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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Human Magnetism

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This science is comparatively of recent ale, and like all hs predeeessors, has been ompelled to forcé its way through the hry ordeal of relentless bigotry,superstiion, and prejudice. Like uil other scinces, it has been obliged to conjend gainst powerful liosts of conceiied and nterested enemies, and the equaily injurious procedure of mercenary pretenders, who prostiluted what litde knowledge they possessed of the scienco to mere purposes ofgain, regardless of the consequonces which might follow from their mal-practices. Bul despite of all these adverse influenceí, il wil) triumph over eery form of opposiiion, an ttike the highest rank among the sciences. Mr. Laban Alverson, of Saline, (formerly a subject of De Bonneville.) has of laJo been repeatedly magnel ized by Mr. E. H. Sanlbrd, Editor of the "Gem of Scienxe," for the purpose of investigaling diseases, and has been cminently successful in desenbingthe diseases of a large number of persons, many of whom he had never before seen, and some of whom ivere absent at tho time of investigation - correctly pointing out the causosand symptoms, and prescribingsuitable remedies.A class was jormea on tne oin insianí, brthepurpose of ihoroughly lestinglhe merits of the science. At first, the usual experiment of exciting the phrenological organs was resorled to, for the purpose of estingthe truth of Phrenology and Human Magnetism. Mr. A.,on beingquesoned wnile in the magnetic state, inbrmed us that the exciting of the various hrenological organs, impaired the funcions of the mind - that God mado our aculties for wise and noble purposes, and that it was sinful to tamper with them for iurposes of merriment. Since that, he ins been several times magnetized by Messrs. E. H. Sanford, and Dwight Kelogg, who have strictly followed the directions given by Mr. A. while in the mngnetic state, and the result has proved he soundnessof his advice. On the evening of Nov. llth, Mr. A. vas thrown into a state of Independent Clairvoyance, ( i. e. ) his mind was enirely independent of the wil) of the magletizer, and all other persons. ,In answer to interrogatories, he presented to our minds important truths from the vast storehouse of unexplored knowledge. - 3ut a fnint oulline, only, can be given at he present time, and his is given toshow what may be accompiished by the aid of his science, and to induce uil ts friends o enter at once into a thorough investíjation of its menls. What has been witnessed in the case of A. J. Davis of New York, has been realized herein part, and may be fully realized here, and in other portions of our country, if the requiste efibrts are ut forth. To use the expression of Mr. Alverson, "we have jarely explored the vast ocean of knowledge which God has spread before us."Mr. A. says there are two ties which he denomínales Positive and '■ N"egntive. Tlie former he defines as i material, spiritual, and an integral pan f the Positive Mind, or God. The latter isa materia; subsiance. These two Electricities are found in the human brain out no crealure below man possesses the Positive. The Negativo Electricity in the human system proceeds from tlie bram, blood, and spine, and is the mere animal life. The Posilive is a direct emanation from God, and is, what was called the breath of life breathed into man, when he beca me a "living soul," previous io which man lived ns other anirnals, though possessing a greater share of Negative Electricity, which gave him greater w',11 and energy, yet he could not then contémplate God and his attributes.The l'ositive leadsus to place our aueclions upon the Great Positive Mind, and predominates inlhe man whose chief desire is lo adore and contemplóle ílie Sunreme Being. The Negaiive predominu'es in the man who delights in vice and wickedness, and tramples upon the goodness and mercyofGod. The Negative, in man, will die, but the Positive wiil never die, because it is immaterial. At the death of the body, the Poáitive leaves il, retainingits identity, and enters into the world of spirits. Every human being possessesa portion of the Positive, but in greater or lesser degree, according to his conformity with the requiremenis of God. All animáis possess the Negaiive Electricitv, and the lovver the animal, the coarser the fluida, until you arrive at the lowest grade. Some of them which change their fonn, possess less in one state than in another. For instance,the Electricity in the Caterpillar is increased in fineness when it becomes a Butterfly, yet it cannot progress beyor.d this, and dies. In future leclures, Mr. A. promises to explain and elucídate the theory of light, the origin and nature of the Sun, and its vurious eflects upon the Earth, and planetary bodies. He will also unfold to us what spirits are, how they see us, and how they influence us. When in the normal state, Mr. A. poB8ssee no extraordinary powers of mind,and is slow of utteranco, but hen thoroughly magnelized, he readily solves the mostintricate questions, ihough involving principies which have cost the profound philosopher years of unavailing research. His powers of investigation wben in ihe state of Independent Clairvoyanco are truly nstonishing, nnd almost incredible to those vho have not seen and heard him. This science will evidently revolulionize Society, by searching out the sources of disease, applying the proper remedies, and enlbrcing the laws of healih, and un!ockini the slorehouse of useful knowledge. It W.Í11 penétrate the dens of vice, and ferret out the felon of every grade, whois plotting ogainst the peace and harmony of society, for there is probably no hiding plnce on enrth wliich may not be thoroughly searched by the Independent Clairvoyant.