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We have gathered a few items of the Juiberty vote from various sources, which wö subjoin. Eaton Countt. Oneida, Nov. G, 1846. 11 Lost spring there was but two this Town, and now we have increased to 18, but on account of sickness, we were only enabled to poll 12 yotes for Congress, 12 for Legislature, 12 for Thos. B. Lamb for Second Judge, and 11 for the remainder of the ticket. In the Town of Eagle, they polled 12, and they have never before polled over five." The Liberty vote for Congressman was 93: for Representative, 82. The County ticket about 87. The vote for Birney in '44 was 61. St. Joseph County. Cbntreville, Nov. 11, 1846. Our official vote in this county is as follows : Congressman, 129. Senators, 144. Representativos, 144. County ticket ranges from 86 to 146. The great characteristic of our election in this County this Fall, has been breaking up of party lines," or in other words, ' splitting tickets." This hos been the case iu all parties. Out of 234 yote cast in one town, only 155 were straight, full tickets - the other lowns were like unto this. The same feeling hai manifested itself in our ranks upon the county ticket. It will be seen that Hussoy runs only 10 behind the highest on our ticket. So much for the bug-benr of coalition with the Whigs, " so busüy trumpeted about before the election by the Locofoco Press. The towns of Burr Ohk and Flowerfield deserve special mention. In the first the Whigs hod, 31, De moe rats, 15, Liberty, 27.Last year the Liberty vote was 12- gain of 15. So much for dymg away ! " Ia the second, the Whigs had 22, Democrats, 14, Liberty, 31. The result in these towns was brought about by personal effort in each town by working men, not by great speakers or eloquent lecturers. Let others go nnd du likewise. Yours." Watnb Coünty. The Liberty vote for Congress was 146, for Senators, 144, for Representatires about 139. Calhoun County. The Liberty vote for Representatives was 85, 81, and 67. The county ticket averaged about 82. Henry Montogue for Senator, received 99. E, Hussey, for Congrecsman, 79. The vote in 1844 for Birney was 226, showing a large defection ot Liberty men. We notico that Henry W. Taylor, whig, is elected Reprosentative from this county. Jackson County. The Liberty vote for Congressmnn was 318 : last year 340. For Senators, 311 and 306 : Representative, aboul the ■ame. ThO vote for Birney in 1844 was 475. Washtcnaw County. The Liberty vote for Congressman was 270 : Senators, 275,271, and 272 : Representatives 272 to 282. About half the voters attended the polls. The Liberty vote in 1844 was 386. Hillsdalk County. In Adams, the Liberty vote was 34, Dem. 48, Whig 38. Genesee County. The Liberty vote is 196. The Democratie mnjority in the State is said tobe about 3400 : the Whigs have three Senators, the Democrats 19: the Whigs 15 Representatives, the Democrats 51.