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The 'one Idea' Of The South

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The Democratie Standard, a prominent Virginia paper, referring to the Aboliion Whigs of Massachusetts, says : "The nbolitionists are a powerful party, and the Whigs and Democrats at the iorth, few of whom have any sympathy vith our own peculiar feeling, upon this ubject, court their aid with equal asiduity. But this is not the case at the South ; herethe press uttersbutone voice, -ind that is, in defiance of all party ties, to condemn these fratricidal fanatics, who vould pursuethe phantomsof their visionary brain through the blood of those to vhom they are bound in the closest bonds of amity and friendship. Upon this subject we at the South are but as One man, and to ihis cause he Southern press is trueas steel. We hankour brotherof the Whig (the Rich mond W hig) Tor the manly tone in which, liscarding all party influences, he indignantly rebukes the abolilion proceedings of Boston ; and we pledge him the right ïand of fellowship, that when the day comes, which God in his mercy averf, ihat hls issue is to be met, whatever may be he political dijference bet ween ust WE WILL STAND WITH HIM SHOÜLDER TO SHOULDER, ready to repel he advances of these demons, xokclhcr hey appear in thefalse guise of Whigs or Democrats, wilh ink or BLOOD, as the occasion may demand."(Lƒ Lieut. Gov. John Reed, inaccepting the nominaüon by ihe Whigs for re-eleciion to ihe office ho now holds, says, - While we submit lo the unfurtunate constitutional compactas toslaverv, and hough we endure for a season the abuse ind extensión of that power, such endurance will not be permanent, and farther oppression will not be endured. andmusl be limiled and restricted by the Constituion. We'll take all you've given us, Messrs. Overseers of the South, but "farther opiression " " must be hmzied." Does this look towards getting rid of the evil of