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Stniemcnt of volea given, and tho oiTicer? elected at the general election, Nov 3d, A. D. 1846, for tbocounty of Wnslitcnaw. Conoresj. Edwin Lawrencc, 153 Roben McClelland, 1G57 Charles II. Sic wart, 270 SjCffATX. O. Hawkihs, 1585 A. D. Crn, 1440 FI. B. Lathrop, 1892 S. Dentón, 1S0J J. Allen, 1819 J. D. Davis, 1382 M. Kinney, 275 F. M. Lansmg, 27J S. B. Treadweli, 271 Reprksextatives. J. M. Ed.nnnde, 1836 G. Renwick, 1845 A. D. Truedcll, 1767 D. Pierce, 16ö9 H. Chubb, 1802 D. P. Bunnell, 145K L. L. Forsyth, 1623 B. Wheeler, 15 7 VV. Pringlc, 1490 C. Starks, 1453 C. Carter, 239 A. Pratt, 2c2 D. Pomeroy, 273 J. Bennett, 274 C. Tripp, 273 T. Wood, 77 E. White, 84 H. Coy, 85 J. B. Hathaway, 85 M. Boylen, 80 i SUSRIFV. E. Spaulding, 18J4 A. H. Seldon, 1410 G. Millard, 2.9 D. Mowerson, 81 Clekk. C Sirift, 1832 B. F. Bradley, 1443 J. Chandler, 276 F. E. Jonen, 85 i Recister. T. M. Ladd, 17Ü0 C. Ö. Cavo!!, 1463 C. J. Garland, 266 J. Rumsey, 67 CoüNTY JUDCE. C. W. Lanc, 1765 W. Fletcher, 1601 G. W. Jewttt, 269 B. Farrand, 88 SXCOND JCDGE. H. Aulls, 1874 Vandemark, 1632 J. Peebles, 295 G. Geflrieg, 60 Trkaíurek. S. Abel, 1861 H. Rumsey, 1418 , H. Carpenter, 262 E. Root, 87 SüRVF.YOU. S. Pettibone, 1779 R. Whipple, 155 3. W. Foster, 247 L. B. Simmom, 91 CoRONERS. C. S. Goodrich, 1783 T. Hunt, 1783 L. Daley, 15)4 M. Gregory, 1529 J. Sherman, 278 M. H. Cowles, 271 H. Kellogg, 93 C. Goodrich, 93 State of Michicav, ) WALlirESAW COUNTV, We ihe undersigned do hereby cortify, that nt a mccti.ig of ihe Board of County Canvassers, on the lOth and 1 Lib doys of NovemUer, A. D. 1346, at the Couniy Clerk's office, in the Village of Ann Arbor, lor the purpose of canvassing the votes givcn in s.nd county, on the third day of November, A. D. 1846, for the officers then tu be elected. It was then and therc ascertained by said board of Canvasscre, that J. M. Ldmunds, G. Renwick. A. D. Trucsdell, D. Pierce aud Harvey Chubb, wre severally clected to the office of Representativo to the Sia:e Lfgisiaturc. That E. H. Spaulding was duly elected to the office of Sheriff of said couniy : C. Swift to the office of CIcrk of said couniy : T. M. Ladd tothe office of Register of Deed for said County : C. W. Lane to the office of County Judge for said county : H. Aulls to the office of Second County Judge, for said county : S. Abel io the office of Treasurer of said county: S. Pettibone to the office of County Surveyor for said county : C. S. Goodrich and T. Hunt each to the office of Coroner of said county. Given under our hand at the Clerk's Office in Ann Arbor, ihisUib day of Nov. A. D. 1846. H. TICKNOR. Chairman of the Board of County Cur.vassers. B. King, by J. M. Willcoxson, Deputy, Secretary of the Board of Couniy Canvnsscrs.