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The Sisterhood Of Reforms

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The Sisterhood of Reforms.

We want one reform to establish the principle of self-ownership, now violated in the persons of one-sixth of our countrymen. We want another to conform the tenure of land to the obvious intentions of the Almighty and prevent the mass of mankind from being crowded off from the earth. We want another to establish the honor of labor and an equitable distribution of its profits.

We want another to deliver mankind from poison and give supremacy to the laws of health. We want another to chase the fiend war from the race and beat all the swords into ploughshares. - We want another to deliver government from kingcraft, and another to deliver religion from priestcraft. We want another to give woman a social position which will establish purity as a reality. We want another to equalize the distribution of knowledge, or in other words to admit all to the treasures which are laid up in the world's history and the records of art.

These reforms are all so connected that we defy any man to advance one of them sincerely without advancing others. - To advance one and oppose others is absurd.

He who is diligently laboring to promote one of them is to be considered favoring all, whether he so expresses himself or not, and just so fast as he becomes wise he will so express himself without reserve. - Chronotype.


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