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Wcw ManajïsJïSre. - A few days since the cars f rom Manchesier to Concord, N. HM brought threc young boys chained and hand cuffedtogether, tho oldest about 16 nnd the youngest about 10 yearaold. They were on tlieir way to the State prison to serve three years for stealing. A Wliig Convention, representing the First Congressional District in N H. held at Dover on Thursday last, unnnimously nominated Hou. Ichabod Goodwin, of Portsmouth, as the candidato for Reprecentative. The convention recommendcd Daniel Webster, by a unanimous vote as the next candidato for the Presidency. VerniOïlt. - The legislature of Vt. have ropealed the license law in that state, and dismissed a bilí prohibiting bowling alleys. Rhoilc llanil.- John H. Clark, (WhigJ is appointed by the Legislature ofR. i., a U. S. Senator in place of J. P. Simmons. The father of the Hon. John Eaton, of Burrillville, R. L, died at the age of 78 years, and his mother at the age of 85 years. He bas eight brothers and sisters living, whose ages, including his own, are as follows - Joseph 93 years, Juanna 93, Martha 01, Jemimi88, John 85, Hcnry 83, MarcyTO, Saloma 73, Amey fthe baby) 70 - average 84 years. Oh ! Methuselah ! The New England Iron Compnny, at Providence, are making twenty tonsof first rate railroad Iron daily.The case of Wm. P. Blodget and Stephen Kendricks, who were indictecl for entering the hou.-e of Jeremiah Crooks, in Bellingham, Massachusetts, and taking sevoral persons to Rhode Island, in obedlonce to orders issued by military authority, durfng the Dorr troubles, has been finally disposed of. The Suprcme Court of Massachusetts,sitting at Dedham, hos overruled the exceptions by defendents, and on motion of their counsel, passed sentenceupon them, which was, that iheyshould pay a fine of $50 each, and costs. fttassachusetts.- License Tri ALgt - These cases have many of them been fined 820 and costs, and others have been compromised by the guilty parties pleading guilty and giving bail in the Bum of $100 to appear at Court from term to term, and keep the peace, pariicularly as it relates to the License law of the State. - Worcesier Counly Gazelte. At the JefTerson Houe, in Ann street, saystha Travelier, Mr. Tukey found a notice posted uponthe door in substauce as follows : - "This establishment isclosed until Monday. P. S. - Those whom we havo agreed to supply with water, will be served at the pump, at the bnck door." Profiting by this direction, Mr. Tuky proci'eded to tho back door, and soon camo up with a genilemen who poinled out the direction ho should take, where he found hepump infull operation, supplying customers. At the time Mr. Tuky called., the proprietor was absent at a fuñe ral, and he was unable to arrest him but the establishment was immediately losed. - Bet-.The porlion of the expense of the Viexican War for the présent year, which will fall to Massachusetts to pay allowng the whole amount to pe only fifty ions of dollars, 'will be TWO i ÍONS,TWOHUNDRED&TWELVE fHOÜSAND, THREE HUNDRED . AND EIGHTY-NINE DOLLARS, f , asscssed by direct taxntion, but, as the i revenue is collected mostly by importe t upon merchandize, and as the people of Massachusetis consume far more of irnjorted articles, according to her representation, than the Southern and Western' ! States, her share cannot be less than niREE MÍLL10NS OF DOLLARS. J So much for upholding Slavery in a single year. This is equal to over four dollars on each person in the state, and for a family of six persons amounts to rwENTY-FivE dollars !!! - VSorcester . 8py. A lad of about twelve years of age, by he name of Edward O. Knowles, of Surry, Me., was killed Fridny morning in lic blacksmith's vshop of Stephen ' jury, South Boston. He was standing about ten or twelve feet from an anvil, ] where two men were furging, when a 3mall piece of steel flew from one of the sleJge-hammcrs, and struck him in the thigh, sevcring the main artery, in consequence of which he bied to daih in about five minutes. The splinter, we udersland, was very smill, uot more than the fiftieth part of an inch wide ; the persons present were not aware Ihat he was hurt until he turned to leave the shop, when ho stagered, and they then perceived the blood flowing down his leg. This commonwealth has prepnred nn abstract of pauper returns for 1845 by which it appears that there are 14,161 paupers in the state. TheshipNew World, of New York, launched at East Boston, last month, is said to be the largest merchant ship in the United States. Her burthen is 1,500 tons. She is about ready to sailfor Europe and is loaded with 15,000 barrels Flour, at 35 ets. per bbl. 822,900 14,000 bu. Gr. at 24 ets per bu. 8,86) Other Goods ,000 Freight $33,760 This is probibly the largest cargo of breadstuffs that eversailed from ihe United States.reW "Vork. - At the close of the present engagement of the Keans in this city they go to New York to bnng out King John in a style worthy of Slmkspeare. The New York IJerald gives these particulars respecting it : The production of this play will cost twelve thousand dollar?, half of the expense to be defrayed by Mr. Kean, and half by the management. The costumes alone have keptsixty females in constant employment since June last. Some idea rpay be formcl of the scenic eftect to be given to the play, from the fact there will be on the stage at one time, onc hundred nd fifty men. All the banners, armor, oenry, costume and decorat'ons will be utirely new, and every thing will corespond to make it the most perfect repesentation of this great play ever put upon any stage. It will be brought out on the 16th of November ; and in order o be at full liberty to play it as often as t may be acceptable to the public, Mr. vean has made no engagement in any other city after that time. The general rcsult in New York, is the election of Young ("Whig) Governor by not far from 11,000 majority j the reelection of Gardner, (Dem.) Lieuternor, by 2,000 or 3,000 majonty ; the election of 23 whigs and 11 Democrats to Congress - fbur of the latier being irreguars - the election of 5 whigs and 3 democrats to the Senate - and a majority of . about 12 or 14 whigs to the House of Assembly, giving the whigs a rnajority of two to four on joint ballot. The new ' Constitution is adoted by a considerable majorty ; and fvce su (Trage (negro sufFrege) lost by a very largc majority. The New York pnpers say that La Roy Sunderland is doing strange things in the way of somaambulism at his lectures in that city. He puts half his audience involuntarially to sleep. That isn't much. We have known speakers put their hearers voluntarily to sleep. - Chronotype. So have we, Sundays especially. The "Democratie" City Government of New York, it is said. let out of the city Prison on Black well's Island, sixly convicls, on election day, in order that ihey might vote against giving color ed peoplc the right of suffrage ! In ciossing over, they came near being drowned. Thirteen of these worthies w?re arrested by Aldertnan Beason, and Justice Merrltt on their way to the polls. We learn from the N. Y. Pearl, that the rum-sellors of Broadway are making a new move to lure the young and unsuspecting to ruin ; placing pretty girls behind the bar, who from morning till late at night dispense their smiles in the same ratio the deluded ones do their sixpences. Is not this disgraceful to the sex 1 - Washingtonian. Mississippi-- A Western paperthe Paulding Clarion states, that 'Joseph French and Charles Haberd, of Jackson county, Mississippi, met in the woods a few days since. French proposed that they should settlo a difficulty which existed for some time between ihom - at the same time throwing off his hut, Haberd replied that "he could soon do that," and raising his rifle deliberately shot him ïhrough the body. He then made his escape Oh o. - A man inRoyakon, Cuyaho5a Co. Ohio., by the name of Shepherd, 119 years of age, has never taken any medicine. Two years ago he walked to ihe polls and deposited his vote for a canJidate for the Presidency, and fought with Washington for American Liberty in the baitle ofMonmouth Plains, and Brandy Wine: he was always very active and industrious and still retains his mental faculties unimpaired ! flllïaiOÏS.- Dr. John Orr, of Lima, broughtto our office on Monday, some Df the largest sweet potatoes we ever saw. Sixofthem weighed'25 pouuds and scveral of them measured 15 inches in circumference. Beat that who can. - Quincy Hcrald. Michigan. - On the Race Course, in Jackson, on the 3lst inst., a young man nbout 16 years old, was killed by being thrown from a horse which was running. His head hita tree, breaking his skull, and Hislocating his neck. We hope the sad calamity will tend to put an end to horse racing. - Tocsin. At th ; election in Jackson on the 31st inst., we saw considerable drinking, swearing, fighting, and carousing ; which really made us &ick of our species. Last spring it wassupposed that Jackson was nearly redeemed from the curse of retailing ardent spirits ; but'two of the laverns and most of the groceries have gone back, (like the sow that was washed,) to their low and ruining practices. - Jb. At the American House, in Jackson, an agfd lady (by the name of Bean, if we recollect rightlyj who carne from the east to visii her friends, by a mis-step in the evening feil down a flight of steps into arecess, and wasso badly injured that she survived but a few hours, Her children, who resided a few miles out of ihe villege, were called in the morning to convey her home a corpse. - Ib. The late blow on the lake damaged many vessels. Among othersthe Helen Strong, steamer, was wrecked. Near Erie she broke her rudder chain, burst a steam pipe, lost her anchor, drifted ashore, broke in two, and scttled in the sand. The passengers were allsaved"WiSCOnsÏBl.-The Prairie ville Freeman gives the following : - A case of kidnapping, which is said to have occurred in the western portion of our territory last spring, ha3 recently been suggested to our atiention. The particulars given show the case to be one of a most aggravated chnracicr. Mr. , now residing near Galeno, had acolored gir) in his service. Mr. 's son had clandestine intercoursñ with ihe-girl. Last spring, the girl being near her confincment, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Ön a pretended visit to Missouri, where they sold the said girl into slavery for $400 ! The Democratie Constitutional Convention has rejected aproposition to divide the State into single Representative districts. The principal argument urged against the mensure, was thatit might possibly give the whigs some additional members.