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The New York Correspondent of the Woodsiock (R. I) Patriot gives the following desaription of this maguificent building : M Conspicuousiy, at the head of Wall streel, stands Trinity churcli : its dark brown tower booming gloriously up in ihe blue vaultof Heaven. It is really a stupendous siructure, and is uDsurpassed in magniñeence, by ar.y churcli on the Western Continent. And its chime oí bells, are the sweetest melodists that ever startled the dull ear of a greateily. W henever I hear tlieir merry rausic, 1 know they carry a thrill of joy to thousartds of poor, jaded hearls, beside mino own. They are ns an nngel's -vvliisper, vibroting amid tho ceaseless tramp and thunder ofa city cnrnival. But Trinity Church with all its architectural beauty - iis tallGothic spire - ii.s graceful turréis - its stained windows - ts monstrous orgati - ts gorgeously decorated altar and gilded architrave, is nevertheless but a splendid monument of reügious mockery and monopoly ! How, sir, in this nineteenth contury - in n land whose fabric of government is a Republic - whose national characteristic is simplicity, and whose religión should be christian equality, seometh this temple of oriental j splendor ? Are those destilute thousandü - the canaille - permitied lo worship at its altar? Have those dilapidated hovels of want, and those flesh-shambles of debauchery in its contiguous neighborhood, any conduits leading f rom its evangélica! reservoir'? And are the dark alleys oí the city, and still darker by-ways in men's bearts illuminated by yon cross of Episcopal gorgeousnesá ? Resurrectiomse ihose 60,000 skeletons in Trinity Church yard - shake tho dust from their feet - direct their bewildered opties to that vast pile, and they will teil it is the sanctuary of Mammon, where the monopolists ofthe earth congrégate - vvnere a pew renis for a thousand dollars - where the price of salvation is aflluence, and where poor sinners " can't come in." A newspnper taken in a fumily, saya a diatinguished wriicr, seems lo slicd a gleim o f i n t c 1 h - gencu all around. it givo the ahilaren a taste for reading, it coruni uu cates all the important evenla in the busy world, it is n nevcr föifing aourcti of amusunient, &nd fuuiishes a futid ot ms;ruction wliicli will nevur i-e t-xlinusied. Ev ery family, however poor, if they w;sh to hold a pluce in the rank of intelligent beings, should talie al least onc newspaper. And tlio man who 9 possessed of property sutlicietu to make himself easy for life, surrounded by chiKIrtn eager for knowledgu, and is yet so instigatcd by the vile spirit cf cupidity uv tp neglcct to subscribe (it a nowspapcr, is deficiënt in tho dutics oí a patent or good cm'zen, and is deserving tho eenjura of h is intelligent nciglibora. Thincs to be Ükmembksed. - The English hushel of wheat werghè 70 pound ; 8 bushels, cqnnl to 56 J pounds, bcingu quoiter of a ton ■.veight. 9 buslnls American wheat of 60 pounds to the bushcl. equnl to ihe Englisli quarter. Aman ofabilily. for the chief of his reading, should select such works .s he fcels bevond his own power to have produced. What can olher books do bul waslo bis titne, and augment his vanity ?" - F os Ier.To Sweeten Butter. - It has been i riiscoverod by Arlluir Trovelyan, Esq., f uf Welünglon, while lately engnged in j making somo e.xperimenls, ihnt 2 drnms of carbonate of soda ndded to three pnunds of either fresh or salt butler, posi sessing a disagreeable flavor, renders il ' perfectlvswect. Soda produces the same : ' l results when added to any other culinarv greases, as dripping, lard, &c. Figs. - A cargo of new figs lias arrived from Smyrna. In a few ycars, after learning how to park ihem and mak e the drums or baskeis, they will be culiivated in such larga quantities in our southero Siaics, that importation will bo unnecessary. Tho fig is rathcr a haiciy fruit, and will grow in a cool climaie, nlthough a warm sun is necessary to ripen it. O ranges, raisins, figs, and current?, can bs cultivatcl in tliis country with a liltle trouble. particularly in Florida, which isourgreal tropical fruit region. The largc Malaga grape which makes the fine bloom raisins, sellirg at L3;5üperbox, can be produced in any quant i ty in Florida. - Ar. Y. Sun. A POLYGLOTT JOURNAL AT (-ALCUTta. - A new journal, which is a real curiosity in the history f the periódica] press, has begun to appear at Calcutta, under the title of the India Sun. The first number was publishcd the llth of June lasl. It is in large folio - ten pages of ten columns each. Each of these columns is occupied bya dilTerent language; iho English in the middle, and on each side the Persian, the Bengalese, the Hir.doo, &c. The articles are either translated or condensed in the( collateral columns. The editor is a learned nntive. The paper appears once a month - -Courier des Estáis Unis. Capital Punishment ín The Unitkd States. - More offences wore punished by death in ibis country in 1835, than in any other nation on the globe. Figs. - It is said that figsarc cultivated in England. An orchard of fig trees in tho town of Worthing, yields 18,000 annually. When the Mexican officers wereing trom taking theír ieave oí Gren. Worth, preparalory to leaving Monterey, a volumeer shol one ofthein dead. It is said ho will be hung. Wc hope not. He probably cuuld not see any difference in guilt in the sight of Heaven, betveen shooting one down thon, or on the field of battle in a war of plunder and conquest. Whocan? Flocr - the Barrel and Qctaeter. - A convenient mode of chnnging thé price of Flour perquarter to the Barrel, is by muluplying tlie Sterling shillings by 14, which will give the pnce pr barrel in dollars and cents. - iV. Am. A Mucn Needed Improvement.- A yankee hastukiïu out a palent for un improvoment in the scales of jusüce. The Uniled States Commissioner for the distribution of the fund tirising from lhe sale of the slaver Pons, made in New York, ordered that 8251,748 be paid to the navy pension fund, and $-251,848 to tho ofricers and crew of the U. S. ship Yorktdwn who rnade the capture. Kixg Coxsort opSpai.v. - Tho Madrid Gazelte, of lhe 12th of October, contains a decree of lhe Queen conferring tho honorary liileof King upon her husband, Don Francisco de Assia. The decree state.s that the King is to tnke no part in the afFairs of te government. Refined TableTalk. - " VVhat part of the ibwl will you be helped to ? " iemarked a gentleman the other day, not a thousand miles irotn this place to a lady, after finishing carving a biped of the fowl creation : " I' 11 take ihat part that shoubl bc drcssed in pantuletts,1' replied Miss Modesty.Egypt. - Mehemet Ali'b isit to Conitnminople has coat him pretty dear. - He sent before-hand to hts banker therc 10 millions of piasters (81,900,000) and look 10 millions wiüi him, but this was not enough, and lie had to borrow 10 millions more. Me presented the Sultan eight million in clear English gold, to ihe Sultana mother, six millions, to the Sultana. Esma, fbur millions, loeach lady of the sernglio 600,000, to the Grand Vizier and Seraskier, 750,000, to each of the other ministers 500:000, and to several officers of the second grade from 300,000 down to 20,000 tnd 10,000 piastera. There was of course no lack of rich gifts in return. From the Sultan he received among other things, a splendid bnlliant, vveighing 27 carats,and from the Sultana mother, six massive gold vases, bet wilh diamonds. Ibrahini's visit to F ranee and England will not be without advantage to his country. As we learn Trom Alcxandria, he has manumitted all his mamelukes and slaves, and given them thechoiceof remaining wUh him, or seeking sorne other occupation ; not one has yet left him. Perfect freedom of religioua opinión, and protecMon to every fuith, are also to ba established ns in Cngland. When the Jews in Cairo en occasion of ihe interment of their chiel Rabbi, disturbances among the fanatical populace being threatened, asked him for l!ie ntlendance of a few soldiers, he promised ihern a:i escort of 3000 men and his own carrlage for the prouession. - Schuil' vost.M. Ronyc, thefoundcr of the Germán 1 ie suct, was, souie lime ei nee, condemnod to uto inonth's imprisonmenl fur linving preoched n puhüc at Lnhn, thuugh pruhibit-.d from doin o ly tho niulioriues. Ue lina juut rcceived a uil pardon from the Kinj: of Prtissia. M. ilonge ontinnos proncliing in tho different towns of Sies a, and attiacis are audiences. Tho Si. Louis American tells the followihg remarkable discovery : While Rey mond & Co. 's caravan of inimals was passing up Market streel yes:erday, n negro boy on the sidcwalk lookirijg on utterly astonislied, having ncver ïppn nn elephant hn was struck wilh his mmense sizo. but whcii he saw his projoci?, he screamed out at the top of his voice, " look da re, at dat great l)ig a:iiina!, his tail is at de wrong eend ! " VeLOCITY OP A C.INNON' B.A.LL OR Shot. - When the marnmolh cnnnon was recently proved at South Boston, the heaviest shell waa thrown about three miles, and the time occupied in its journey was a minute and a half. Thus it nppcars that its velocity was only about doublé ihatofsome of the English railroad p.xpresses. John Bull akd the Chinese Silveh. - Her Majesty'a ship Serpent, which arrived in England froni China a few monlhs since, conveyed, as one of iho instalments stipulated for the evacuaiion of Cantón and trenty of peace with thai country, treasure in Sycee silver to the vakic of nearly L500,000 ; but on opening one of the boxes supposed to contain t lint specie or buil ion to the amount of L100,000 value, it was discovered to be filled with iead. Of course, immediate conference has been opened by the representativo of her AI ajes y at Hong Kong. io obtain the required difference of payment. It is a singular íact that while the great staples of the South- cotlon in particular - have been ncreasing steadily and rapidly in amounf, they have been diminishing as spcedily and more rapidly :d value. Cotton hes increaeed in amount,n the last 10 years, 100 per cent., and in valué U has fallen off 25 per cenU Important to the LADreB. - The London Gazeíesuggestsihai when a lady vvould compose her mouth to a bland and serene charactor, bho should just betore entering tha room, say Be&om, and keep tho expression into whicl) the mouth suboide.s uiilil the desired effect upoa the company is evident. If, on the other hand, she wishes lo assume a disünguish ed and &omewhal noble boaring, not suggestive of sweetness, she would say, Brush, the rcault of which i-j infullible. If would mako her tnoulh look small and pretty, s!ie must say, Flip, but i f the mouth be already too small and need onlarging, she must say Cabbage. Ladies, when Inving their daguerreotypes taken, may observe tliesO rules wiih somO advantage. A Clock ox a New Plan. - Galignani mentions that a watchmaker of Paris has constructed a elock of a curious and most ingenious nature. It is made with eloven dials. The principal dial shows the hour alone ; a transpaient one immedialely below the former, shows the progression and relrogression of thesun; two others, also transparent, and througli which the mechanisiï) of tliis immense machine can be seen, mark, the one the days of the month, the other the seconds. Eight square ennmelled dials are arranged round thetwosides of the pendulum, and shows the hour in each of the 'ollowing cities : London, Algiers, Alexandria, St. Helena, Otaheite, Cantón, New York, and St. Petersburgh. Each of these dials is marked with twenty-fur hours, instead of twelve, so as to showLlie hours of the day and those of the t night. Lastly, the pendulum carries a d large metrical scale indicating thodegree t of expansión and contraction of melal t This clock cos: 14,000 francs, or about L600. ( The Prïce op a SnoT.-At Baden-Baden, lately, two strangers, an Englishman and a Prussian, quarreled, aecording to a very common incident, over tlieir play, and agreed, in the usual course, to fire at one another, as the recognized means of settling a dispute. The Englishman was so lucky as to win the first fire, and so unlucky as to miss his adversary. The latter had only now to shoot his man al his ease, and prepared to take his aim accordingly ; when the Englishman cried out, " Stop. stop ! Pil buy your shoL" The first impression made was that of the novelty of the proposal ; the second. that it contained tho preliminaries of a rnutually profitahle transnct'on. The conditionsof the arrangement we re accordingly enlered opon ; and the two leading elements vere, that the Englishman was rich, and the Prussian a good shot. The redemption was valued at L1000 ; and the parlies reïurneci to tho city aliko sotisfied with iheir bargain. The case is worth reporting ; and we are glad it was the Englisliman who set the first example of this clear insight inio the rationale of dueling. - Atheneum.New Planet. - M. Le Verrier, a French astronomer, somo months sincc ?xpre-sed the opinión, founded on numerous calculations nnd observolions, ihattiiere existed an undiscovered planet in our solar sysiem. Astronomen had long observed ihat Uranus suiFered perturbntions in its orbit, for which they I coulJ not account by any other causo of disturbnnce. They conjectured ihal these might be owing to the attraction of n planet on the confines of our system, but considered it beyond the reach of observation. M. L. Verrier's opinión is now confirmed by observations botlj in this country and Europe. M. Galle, of Berlín, discovered the new planet on the 25th of September. It was afterwnrd seen fro.n Bishop's Observatory, London, nnd on the 23J uit. by Lieuis. Maury and Porter, from the Nutional Observatory nl Washington. All the predictions of M. Le Verrier are verified. The ncwly discovered planet is estimated lo be twelve hundred and fifty niillions of leagues from the sun, and two hundred and thiriy times the size of the earth. M. Galle proposes to cali it Janus, upon the supposition tbat its orbit forms the oulermost limit of our system, bul M. Le Verrier prefers that ihe cuestión of giving it a name ahould bo left to thé decisión of astronomers. Pridb and Vanity. - The proud man is penetrated with a sense of superior merit, and from the summitof bis grandeur, treats all other mortals eilher with indiffereiico or contempt. The vain man aUnches the grealcst imporlanco to the opinions of others, and sceks their apprübation with eagerness. The proud man expects that hisshall be sought out; the vain man knocks at evcry door to fastcn attention upon himself, and he supplicates for thesmallest honor. The proud man disdains the marks of d!stinction which consütute n sourceofhappiness to the vain man. The proud man revolts at ibolisheulogiums ; ihe vain maninhnlcs with delight the incensé of applause, however absurdly and unskillfully administered- Dr. GalL TUE WAY THE MoNTY GóES. Mr. WalkeR hus publishíd, in t ie Union, anofficial repord of the receipts into and the expenditure from the Treasury during,, the month of Oclober: The gross receipia. were 89,735,96o, of which 81,953,96a were on account of treasury notes. Theexpendüures in the month were $Jt4,0Q8, 601 27, or 5,352,711 27 beyond'lh receipts, and, deducting the treasury notes, over $6,250.000, Of the expen diiures SS,153,659 were on account of ;h army, and 1,969,980 on account of the Navy. Thls is over ten milÜons and for a year, would givo more than a hundred andtwenty millions for the wart It is certain we nre going to pay pretty well for all we ge: of Mexico, The Telegrapit - ANjsw Ieventojí.- We understand that the New York & BuÖalo Telegraph Company design lay ing a new set of wires over iheir line immediately, it being intended to commeneo the work the present week. It is understood, also, that a new inven tion has recently been made, by which liio wriling process is rendered plain and simple. The inventor has net yet made ihe details of Iris machine public, but it ia understood to opérate so as to mako the impressof every letter perfectly distinct upon the paper. This, of course, willdo away whlrthe characters to represent the alphabet. Two or three of the Telegraph Companies, who have got an ïnsight into the working of the instrument used, ara already negotiating with the inventor for