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Mina is so stagnant in Austria; the peisantry ai e so servile and ignorant, and the nobles so utterly abandoned to their rounds of dissipating pleasures, that as a general thing, there is no discontent with the government. A dull and stagnant tranquüity has seltled down over the whole land. All that an Austrian asks, is that he may be pennitted to live tomorrow as he hasto-day - without change. He knows nothing better, and he desires nothing better. The white inhnbitunts of the United States, in their boundlesa freedom, not only manifest but feel almost infinitely more dissatisfaction with the acts oí iheir government, than do the Austrians with the resistiera despotiam under which they repose. All iravellers unite in representing the inhabitants of Austria as on the whole a gay, thoughtless and contente:! people ; never dreaming ofany government better than their own, and satisfied with thingsasthey are. If among the ihirty millions who people tiie vast comglomerated empire, herc and there a thoughtful person begins to exert his energies, and devclops symptoms of aiscontent with the estabüshed order of ihing-1, he is immediately arreted by an argus-eyed pólice, and buried in dungeons from whence he is never heard of more. It is said that thero are now many noble minds immured in the dungeons of Austi ia, for daring to think ; - those gloomy cells which have been hallowed by the suficrings of that great aposile of liberty, La Favette. Mansingularly ndapts himself to his situation. Even from the plantations of South Caro.ina and Alabama, wheré the Southern slave wears away his life in unpaid toil, crushed by a despotism far more intolerable even than that of Austria, the elasüc miiid, defrauded and degraded as it is, will find sources of enjoyment. And shouts of inane and mindless merriment are far more freque'htly heard from the cabins of the negro, than lamenta! ions of despair. It isi sald that there is no country in Europe where there isso little physical sufiering as in Austria ; none where lazy fnse and stupid unconcern so universally pievaii in the dwellings oí the poor. It is the noble and tlie enlightened mind alone which feels the retraints of servitude, and struggles in irrepressible agony for freedom. Ages of oppression paralyze al! those energies wliich entibie man, and degrade him to a brutal standard. Mindless man becomes but an overgrown child, carcless and merry. - All his joys are puerile and noisy, shallow and transicnt. And thisdegradation of the soul, which constilutes the very deepest curse which despotism can brand upon ils victims, is ever presented by the oppressor, as ti.e palliativc of his crime. Our peoplc, says Metternich, are con tented with their lot. The contentment of the pcople, under such a government, and in the endurance of such wrong, does but how the depth of their own abasement. The mind is first robbed of a!l its noble attributen, that it rriáy supinely submit to the robbery of e very