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New England & Virginia

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Virginia ñas about 7000 more square inüoa than New England, was setlled ten years earüer, and has a bettercllmate and natural advantages. Ín 1840, according to the census, the following is the comparativo standing of ihe Uyc. New England has a population of 2,234,321- Virginia, 1,239„797, the former, in the meantime, having been drained of a vast populntion to poople the new westei'n states. Thenumber of persons employed in each, in the different branch-, es of labor, bearsastill larger proporlion to ench oiher, than the population does. The formerhas but 13,000 within her borders, who cannot read and write - :he litter has 59,000. The former employs a capital of 185,000,000, ia various branches of industry, the Jatter but .$19,000,000 ! New Englnnd teaches 575,000 children in prima ry schools - nearly half the population of Virginip, wbïch teaches but 35,000 ! The annual productsof New Englnnd umount to $187,057, 294, those of Virginia to $76,769,653! These facts should make Virginians blush. They can frame no reason why ihis disparity should exist. The advantages all are, and ever have beenj on lier side. But one cause can be assigned for it - the bligliting müdew of Slavery.