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A correspondent of ih New Orleans Times, ' leseribing a rocent seone at Montcrey, say :- ; " The Mcxican moünted corpa cncampcd ' ibout the town, began to move off on the 25ih f f September, as did part of the baggoge train of miles. General Ampudia; on the iWth, left witii iwo heuvy brigades of iufuntry.partof tho artille ' ry and eome cavalry. His column mustered ' 'jOO men nt lenst, probnbly inoro. Ile look tho ' rond o Saltillo. Ou the 27ih .vid 23;h. divisona, ecjiully as nutnerous, m.-trclied in the same ' 'lirection. TIiü most moiloy collection of men, vomen, nlid childrcn, white and copper-colored. wiih dugt, coala and gmuecocks, arrols and ' i thoutnnd other things, muunted on horses. : ■nulca, nnd donkeys, or on foot, acconipauied ach oulumn. There ncvor was ao mixed ü multimJe. The followera were ahnost as numer3us üs the army and as varicgnied in Colors." The follovving pnrticulars ore gathercd lrom lite New Orleans papers The repor'. of Capt. Ridgclcy'i melnncholy accident is c xifirne-1. On the 2óth, as ho was ridmg into M;ntorcy to dine witii Lt. Mackall. his horso 9Üpped on ihe amaoth pavoment, and he was thrown wiih such violenco against a rock as to ciusc a sovere fracturo of the skull. No hope was entertnined o! his recovery, and reat rero the lamentatiens of his broiher soldiers, to whom he had endared hinuelf by his gallant condact during tho courso of the war. Frotn a Utter in tho Doha, dated Monieroy. Oct. 20th, wo innkc theso extraeis : Santa Annaarrired at San Louis Potosí on tho 6th wiih Í1000 troops. About the tiinc of his arrival at San Louis t toei, the conducta lefl for the sea coast with a targe anioutu of money which he stoppcd, but it wasnutknown whether ho intended to use the whole of tuis mo.iey or merely demand the exportation per centage, which would nmoum to ubout sixty ihoubiiml dollars.hiiüa Anna 8 expresa arrived at Snliülo on ;hc 19th inst., wiih instruciions for all ihe Mexcan irtopt (o lcnvo that place vviihiu ihree il.s. and move io Snn Louis Potosí - the lnst roniains f which touk up thcir luis of marcii accordinjj!y on thu 15th. Ampudia's army is out of provisions, in a mannor, and tho troops are starvuig and deaerting. - A foreipner who was at Saliillo at the time the Mexicana top)ed therc. informa me tiiat if Gon. Tuylor (Gen. Tay'.or el Ranchero, as they cali him) woa.d receive them, llicy woulil nearly all joiti him ns aaon as their lugs could carry '.hem liere, as they much admiro the inanner in which our army is cloihed, fed and paid. From other aourcei we learn that the whole iviexican fcj wai concentratcd at San Louis -imouniing to aonic 12,000 3irong. and :hai San ia Anna was training every nerve to inórense hitirmy oiill more. Despatches were received ai .Vlonterey from Gen. VVool announeing hia ap proach tojoin Gen. Taylor wit! hii iorceof ihree thuusand five hundred men. The Picayune, received iho following from Monicray : Poor Ridgeley is dead. He was buried yes terday :md is tnourned by tbe entire army. Ma r Lear will no' live 24 hours longer. Wc havo late news from San Loui Potsi, to the effect that Santa nna was ihere with ÏS.OU'J men and no lees than thiriy -seven generala! He wa recruiting daily, but his intentions were not known. We make some extracta from the N. Orlcans papers : The strength of the forcea of ths United Stnies ut Monterey does not exceed fivc thousand men. and the whole number of troupe, from the innir.h of the Rio Grande to Monterey, dne not exceed thirteen thousand. Ii will requirc five thousand uien td gdrrison the towns alrtíndy takerí, and Gen. Taylor thinka it would be injudicious to leave Monterey für San Louit Potosi, with less '.han fiftcen tíiousand men. Lieut. Amistad, bearer of despatches from Washington to Go?. Taylor, had orryied. li was undtrsïood at Monterey that they diröcted Gen. Taylor to proceed to Tam pico if he tliougln proper. The next inovemcnt of the arniy will :e towards uinaroï, a town about one himdre! and twent miles from Monicrey. on iho rotue ;o Tnmpico. Gen. Worih is of the opinión iha' heie will bo a severe fiht thtíre. Saltillo waeiuirejy deserted by the enemy, their forces béng concehtraied at San Louis Pomsi. Gen Taylor will leave a sniall forcé at Saltillo.Jiteut. r. Kearney 8 company 01 urngoons nr rived nt M Uamoroa. on the UOth uit., ond lefi on tlie 2d inst. for Moritcrey. Gen. Taylor liad nbandoned all idea of n:tempting to reach San Louis as ihc difncultie;of the rouie over ivhat mny justly be cnllcd the liesert between Saltillo and that place wcro al most insunnountable. and t was prob.iblo thai he would not even oitcnipt to odvancc on Sal i il - lo. The governmcnt liad requeeteci him to delach 400 men under Gen. Palterson to Tatnpi co, but he had doclirïed doing sj and would nol part with ahy portion of lus force, bclicving the whole of it to bc nccessary tof maintiin his poai ïion and keep open his Communications. We have a letter frotn Mata:noros which statcs tha; the Rio Glande is sor low as to render it d lubtful if (ie navigntion can be niaintained wiih Camargo, if so, it wil! add greatly to the difiïculiy uf forwarding upi!iee to Rlónterey. At present Gen. Taylor has 400 wagons which makesa wcckly trip between Monlerey and Camargo. It been ascertained that Ampudia rctired from Montercy with ÍJ000 men of all arme, and includmg his aick andsuch wounded as ho too!, with htm. From the Pic.iyune Extra, Nov. 13.Balíze, La., Nov. 13,1846. Tlic Virginia hns arrived wiih us at last, bu; we ljave liad ' a tough lime of ir," I cnn assurc you. AVe Icft llio Jirnzoa on tie evtning of tht'.id wíth 250 pnssengers, inoat of hom werc discharged voluntccra. llalí of iheso people were wounded off ick, aome hnving lost iheir legs, others :her arma arrd legs. Will you believc me when I ;c!l you tliat with all ihesc sick nnd woumled and dying rnen, nota eurgeon 01 mirse ñas som along to atlcnd upon thein, not ;, panicle oí medicine furnitílied. not a pnfch of !in en for dressing rixunds. Such is tlie trutli, ano such, I undeistood. is the usual manner in wliicl; ihe men who liavc liccn out to ftght our battlep. !iut who are unfortunnte eiiough to get wounded or become sick, are sent home like oíd liorscs. minod oot to ño ! The Virginia had not accommodotions for passengere, having but eigh' !ei ths, and you may he assured that the condiion of ihesick was horrible. Monterey, Mexico, Oct. 20, 1846. The heallh of the nrmy is l;jd, a very heavi roportion of ihe oíficer nnd men being on tindek list. Dyseniery and ijitermittent fevers orfhc prcvailinff cotnplnin's. The 8ih Infantry lumbera about 300 men, last evening only 114 ppcared on parade, the reaidue being eithcr sick r woundd, ot on guard. Tbi 7lb Infjntrycanic oui to Corpus Christt with about 500 n ci aml all iho officera bat 3 or 4. It now humberu 3Ü6 men, and last eteniug only '223 aivearcd on parade, the residuo being ck, woundcd or on gunrd. Theio are tole.-ubly fair ejiamplc of lbo heulth of the nrmy. C. M. Lt. Col. Clay left on the 22d uit., in company with Col. Taylor, for Montorey, wiih an escort of four or fio hundred men - thcy had 8omo $100,00, and We haVc had fears for thcir sufety. Oíd Canales is at all linies on the lookout for snch snaps. Col. Clay wosthrown from hisliorse about the I5ih of August, and disloö.itcd the clbow of the riglit or sw'orJ arm, and wns un-iblo to diill, and by request of Oíd Z.iclwry, lie juined ús military fumily at Monterey.'- Danvilla (Ky ) Tiilune. Fifty odd persons, oflicera and crew of tlio U. S. brig Trusión, havs boen surrendercd by the Mexioans to Coun Coimer. (ar the liberty granled to Gen. Vega and iwu subordínate Mexicán office r$, who arts to return 1rom NeV Orleaus, either by way of Havana) or Pensacola. to their native home. Somo of the Mexicsn papers pmpose ihat iluguerilla mode of warfurc shull be adopted agnitiíi the Anicricans, by cutiir.g off email partics, cup uiring tho convoya, distresding tho cneniy ior provisions, and harrassing thorn in every possiblr way, without risking a büttle. In fact, this has already bven comtnenced, aa two importnnt mails have been o.ipiured between Comarco and Mon terey, on their way to Öen. Taylor