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Doings At St. Louis

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x lie patriaiclis on iho Miwissippi R'.ver ar greaily ofilicted by the runninj awjy oí thoir hu man pfoperty, and ai hai have gonú to work i enrnest o Cotfnieract Cha Abolitionist. Ther 8eetntftö have beeri a considerublc excitémei on the eubjeci, We cnnnot gtve a fulJ liiátor of all ihedorngí : bu't wc finti iho following no tce in a St. Louis paper. SLAVES- SLAVES. Ai nn adjoumecl mcetina; of ilio cilizená of the couniy of fcJt. Louis, held yn ihfi 5th inir., in the c;iet iiont raom of the Court Houae, to reccivo the report of thü COnimiítne of onu hundrcd, iippojnted a(t a fonner mcciHjg, to devio xonic pl:i to pVofect our lave própeny jrom tho evil desisn of abolnioniaiB and frce negrocí, it was R;solveJ, Thm the report of the Cm.nittee vr"v ' luellíer 'ih' th'e .roposni,.n of Mr. Noftcfji, be referred tcf a cumaiiltoj of lve, who símil d,gest the súfie. ond report tó a mam meeting of ihe citienáofihe county oí Si. Loiis. to be héld in li.e rotunda of ihe Court llouail :7 o clock. p. m., oti Thursday. the Jíih day oí Vove.Tíbor inst. Al iieíaonsinterestad in (he subjocl are earnemly r.quested to ritiend anid maling; as a plan will then be submitleJ for the action ol thö nicctin, ufgrbutino.iient and merest to ni! porsons 'ii;oresied in lave pr..pc:ty h thö State of Missourt. JOÍ1N H. FíaiGUSON, Clía'n. HjíSRY B. Bolt. Scc'y. [Cuy pnj)rs piense eopy. 3 The föllöwiflg noiice of a public rneetinc nt St. Louis.called to deis mcMure for the graatar security of " negro proporty," appuar In the papers.4 Si-A-fK Mkktiso; -A mifciifuj has been n-jld in at. Louis t tako oiflaíurea to " proteut lave propeny fitina ilie ovil de%ua of Abolinonñuaiid ntliers." Funis wwre raisp.d, ond ' conimissioners" appoirued, whoao h unes iré to be kept secrei. Ueaulutions won passod, condeiiinhiK n ' negro, priüicliing " and negro tencli;iíg." and ngainst negroeg betng aw;iy Irom their hornea, wtth or witnout tito consent of llieir masters. dfter darle. Also a mamoi ial wun adopled, aakmg I he LejüsUturo lo Df8 Inws forbídding all ' Bchoo! fot the education of ihe blackt?. whether tauglií by black or white " i,at íree blnckc or mulatioes now residmg in. hut not born id the Siaie. be removed - ihat no sluves hereaficr ti) üe enjancipaed be mifferéd 10 remoin i tlie Stie ; and that no meeting for cèbiöui worsliij be lAU.W-iú to negroe. in the day tune, und tli?:i üíily when the services aré con llucted by ü regularly ordninèd whtie minister or prit-st. ''li rcsolmioiis and memorial vvure dop ted unaninious'v." Anoiher tecount states that an "anti-AboIition socieiy " vu organized, Wjjh President, Vice Pie:dntï Trcasurrond Sccretary. A finance coinnntit-e wat aUu appointed wliosö duty it is to spy out Abülítbhits urtd ÜriMg them to "justice." The lollwi2 ro tbd resJlutiona pssöJ by this rneting : Resnlc6(l, That the Piev.dorit of this associn ii.)ii be requejteil, in the name ofttbia DiMtiag lo meiniKÍHlÍ7.ií lile citv nthuri ticu to adnpt tich ordi nance as mny bo nftceasary to prevent all negrots frum leavmg thu h.ine of ilieir nnsaters after d.irk. whuilier svuh or without permission ot ilit' r einplivfreí; ; aid propur siytinls be iven ni at leaat linea poirHs of tl e cuy, añnounomg 'h'! time for iic,'Hi s ti retire. R33lccd, Tluitour lellow citizans throiiíhon: th'ebiuie be requeated to organizo tiinilar ocities. and arlijpi like mentís withour own, for tlunioro etTectuül protcciion of (heír blave pronerly. and Ure executioa of tho luvva ;aii si thu abJucliun uf laye! Resolctd, That this meeting consider all nejjrn teaching, dangeroua to tin bappiíiesa, quioi ájnd safety ot" our slnve population, in view ol which we earnestly requost the city auihorities lo auncí oniiriaïreca f fieciually to preveni the contimtatjce ot ih'.-t: evila. Is not ihis artat business for the people of ':the freest country ort the face óf the earih " 1 Thf p#rr3 a composiníi ihía meeting mty go to churchon Sunday wnh groat devauulrws, listen to discourees on religioüa iibr!y, partáke of the u.jinmunion, fire cannoriB on tiio Pourth of July to show ihat all men re born eqüal, and endowed by their Creator with thc inalienable right oi Libtrttf, and then passihese rcsolutions for tight ening thé fchains of thoir chives, depiivinj: t.en of religious os wdl as civil liben? mi dv8ngi)iM8urcs for visiting witli %-engeancr all who m;iy even point to the slave thc rfosiiion if thc Nofth Stur í VViíat tJamn.nble hj-rJocris} 'S ibis 1 Thc slaveholdcrs muy organizo as lltucli ii tliey picase : slavrs who have the wil and rull deierminitioii to encape, will do so in spite o! all precautionfi. T!ie (áct ihat the r.insicrB artdriveu into orgnnitttion, shows the prevalence f thc practico of running away into thc free Suites. ' This state of insécurity," says tile St. Lou3 New Y]rn, li is becoming reater every dny, by rüaaoit of tlie! settlement of IoWa on our norih. wiih an ntislavery population. and orí account ■f the more porfect organjzation and concert í uotion of tlie nriti-siavory men in Jllmoia."