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Slave Selling By The United States

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The last No. ot the Concordia (La.) Intclligeneer, besides the advcrtisenienis for fiTty runaway elavcs, contains ihe follosving notice of a UNITED STATÏS MARSHAL SALE. David U. Brown, Jntlit Circuit Courlof TS. $ t'tc United States for writ of eizure nnd salo the District of Louis i Walton P. Smith. J una, Xo. 1349. Ry virtue of a writ ofêeizure nnd solc. to me directed in the above entitled suit, I have seized and wilf exposé al public sale at the residence if Walton P. Smith, known as tho Bothgowon P'.nntntion- fornierly known by the name ol the Pecan Plnntation, on the Mississlppi river, aboui six milea below Vidalin, i the Parish of Concordia, on Saturday, the 2lst day of November, 1846, at the hour of 12 o'clock M., all -.heright, title and interest of Walton P. Smith -in and to ihe following described prorerty. to wit : -Terms Cash. For WiM. F. WAGNOR, U. S Marshall, J. H. RINEHART, Deputy U. S. Marshall. Oct. 17, 1846. 12 5t lf we know anythingof the natura of a United States Murshal's sale, the price of the blood, boiu-s and sinews of the thiriy human beings enumera ted above, from old Lucy to linie George, will be conveyerf, not by a law of the State of Louisiana but by virtae of a Usited States law, from Smith to Brown. Jf the lavv under which this dammng deed is tobe done. isñ United States law, then it involves a question in which the free States have 6oniething to I do, and c-. wiiicii :he most etrenuous advocate of Su.t? rig'its cannot complain of our irterfcrence. If the South must be permiticd to traffic in human beings. let tbe done on tbeirown responsibility. hut let not the free States be connected wiih the sin and shamc ' y furnishing the license. Let such a United States law be