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The Liberty Vote

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Jt is impossible ior us at pretcnt 10 state whai a tlie Liberiy vote of the State. But we tliink t must be severol liundrci1 Ies3 than in 1844. - We are toid that the oíTicinl rote lor Congressmen is sent from ali the counues to Detroit. I) t 'oe so, and some frlend there will favor us with ho full returns, we will pubüsh them. The Jberty vote, we believe hos ihis ycnr incrensed n tvery State an Territory exccpt Michigan and New York, In these two States the dimiuuion does not exceed 3.000. Jn Berrien County, the Liberty vote was about 30 on county ticket. In 1844, for Birïcy, 35. In Branch or Representativos, 81 and 70 : on lie county ticket, 75. Vote for Birney in J844, 69.EP Congrc8s met last Mondoy. We shall probably have the President'a Message in a day or two, and shall issue t os soon as receivcd. (E7Lt. Col. Clay mentioned n our last os the aid of Gen. Taylor, is not Cassius M. Clay, but a son of Henry Clay. We wero misled by our exchanges. C. M. Clay is a Captain, and ihe last we heard of him, he wasengaged in the Santa Fe expedition.