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NEWGOOÏS! Cheap for Cash!! TH F, Suhscribcrs be? leavc lo ïnlorm iheir old custoiners. and the public fesnernlly. that ihuy ore no'vr receiving:1 htrge and splenrhd assorinicnt ol EngUsli, American and West india. GOODS. Crockery, SheJf Hardware, Paints, Oils, Dycstuffs, Drugs and Medicines. Also a general á&úrWént of I RON. sniiable for íroning VVaagons and Buggies, Nail Rotls. Hoisc Shoes. and IJorse Nails, Shcct íron, I ni Ware nnd Tin Píate- also a general assortBOOTS $ SHOES, tirek íip.1 iliiii sale work, nnd cuslom work to -uit purcliíJ3ers. AII of which ihcy will eell on ;lie luirest pnssible lerms for Cash or Bahtkr. Feclin? cunlident ns ve do, tliat re can make it for the interest of all ihose wishing to purchnse any of the above mentioned Goods, we do most earnestly solicit at lenst an invesiigatioti nfour GüodsnnJ pricc3 before purehasing clseJAMES GIRSON & CO. S. Excliange Block. Ann Arbor, Lower Town, Sept. 14, 1846. 2o2-tf ' CLOCKS AND WATCHES ! ! Jo3qÍ rTHIE Subscriberhas jusl S r _ received. (and is conj íÍxLjS sfaiu'y receiving) from ik ÊX New York an elegant ar d Vi is u wol selected assoriment Jcwelry, docks, Watclics, &C. cc. wluuti ho iiüuüds lo sell as loro as at any otberestabUshmemihis side of Bu fíalo for ready puy otily amon whicli may be iound theJollow in-: a cod aèsorunehl oí Gold Finger R'wgs; GoldBrcast pins.Wnstleis Giiard Cliains and Keys. Zilver Spoons, Germán Süver Tea nnd Table Spoons (first qinluy.) Silverand Gemían do Sugar Tongs, SilverSaW.Miisiíírd.-UKlCroamcpoonív Bntier Kníves, Gold and tíilver Fcncil Cases, Goíál'eílsi " ' Pencils, Silvcr and Germán Silver Thinibles. Silver Spcctncles. Germán nnd Steel do. Gosrgles, Clothes. Hair and Tootb Brushcs, J.ruher IJiuslirs. Uazoisand Pocket Knivs, Fine Shear nn 1 Scisió'rá, Knivesand Forks, BriunnniaTen Potsaitd Casiors. Plated, Brass, nnl Brittiinia Candiesticks, Knuffers &. Trays, Sliavinsrboxcsnnd Sonps. Clnpman'8 Best Ra.or Strop, Calfand Morocco Wallcis. Silk and Cotton püröès, Violins ana ilawo. Violin and Bass Viol Strings, Flntet, Fifes.' Claiionets. Accordeons- Music Uo.oks (or the snn.e. Motto Senls. Steel Pena and Tweczere, Pen cases. Snuiïnnd Tobacco boxes ívory Dressing Cmbs. Side and Bflck and Pock ei Comba Neft.lle casos, Steletioes, WaterPaints and Brusheí, Toy Wntches, a great vanety of Dolla. in sliuvt thr grea;est vanety o[ toys ever tiróoght to this mnrket, Fancy work boxes, chiidren's ten setts. Coioane Nnir Snlts. Coun Pias-er. Tea Bells, Tliermometors. Pipep. Wood Pcncil, BRAbS AiD WOOD CIOCKS. &c. in fact almost evcry thing to please the fancy. Ladtcs and Gentlemen; cnll and examine lor yourselves. Ciocks. Watehes and Jewelry repaired and warranted on short notice. Shop at nis old i:ind.opposiieH.Becker'ebrick Siore, in the . Store occuptedby - " BLTSS. N B.- Cash paid for old Gold & Zilver , Ann Arbor, July lat, 1846. 2il-1y 1 riüB! FIKS!! FT B CltANLwould respectfully notify . ilie citizens of Ann Arbor, and the sur roandinr country, tbat he continúes to actas Affeni of the HRTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, and will insure Property og"!"8' losi3es h? Fire at thelowest raies, and witl. despatch nno acen1 racv ' The Hartford losurant Company is onc , of the oldest and most wnlije in ihe country, and all losses unHJ by them will be- as ihey evr haV(, hren-PHnMPTi.Y paid ! l ire is ú ilanger„ns elen.ent and nol to be trifled with: :herefore. ! .....keup your mind to nnd p don't delay 1 A few hom s delay may be your '"Mr.'8 Office is in Crane's nexv Block. corner ol the Public Square, Ann Arbor rËETH! TEETHf! TEETHfff MASTJCATION and Arüculation, warranted by their being propetly re llaCed S. D. BURNETT, 8 will continue the practice of $E#T'Í8fBirJn f all its varioua branche, viz : Scnlmg, Filling. and Insertincon go)d platea or p.vot. from oije to an entire sett. Old pintes or tn.sfits remod" led. nml made cqual to new. OFFICE over C. B. Thompson & Co.'a Slioe Stoi e. Lndics who request it, can be waiteü on . at their dwellings. . , d IV. B. Charges unusually low, and all kinds of PRODUCE taken. Ann Arbor, Dec. 5, 1846. 293- tl d CLOVER MACHINES, y TflRASHING MACHINES and Seperatora o are made nnd sold by ihesubacribers.nt their Mag chine Shop, near the Paper Mili, Lower Town, Ann Arbor KNAPP & HAVJLAND, Jon. 19. 184Ö. 34T f