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Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Shiawassee County

Communications: For The Signal Of Liberty: Shiawassee County image
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- - - w " w -_ --j - -- -_x ■ m Mat T V Fbiin'd Fostku : - I have hesilated tlius long to rejiort the resul i of the elcction in this county. from thofact tha' I waa disappointed and uisg'usitíd wiih the returne of the eleciion. But afier rcnding liia returns of the Liberty votes, (rum other and older cotinties I no longer hesitate, hut shali, as usual report tuig couuty as the buvnzr coun:y in this State. - I do not do this boa6tingly, but on the other hand, with deep humiliiitioa in view of the great falling off of the Lib. vote in the principal coun lies of the State. The largest Liberty votegivcn this yeir was for Representativo, which was 155. Judge Comstock rec-ived 149, and the remainder woul'1 average ahout 130. Last ycar Mr. Birney received 06 votes - so you wilS perceive that ahhough others have fullea ofi, we have advnnced. This town cast 70 votos - the Liberty candidtte received 39, Deitncrut 30; Whig 1. Lo cal interest controlled sevcrul Liberty vot(s. - The Democratie candidato living in this pluce, ■overal of our men were infiticnced to vote for him on account of local interest, supposing thni thcre wan no chance to elect ilieir own cnndidaie. This, in tny opinión, is a ruinóos policy, aad il persiaied in, will prove the ruin of the party. I will now giva you ihe name of the Town in the United States so far as my knovledge extends. PtRitT. Shiawnssee County, Michigan, siands at tüe head considering the nuiuhcr of votes cast. She cüsi 28 votes, 23 of which wcre cast for Lib rty. Bent this who enn ! The iiicreaned vote in litis county is to be nttributed piincipally to t'ne indef'atigablc efforif of our mtuai íricnd, C. ÍL Siewart Esq , o: Detrjit. What tho final result of our action wiU bo I ciniiot say, but oi.c thing I will s--y for the encourngcnu-nt of ihcsunun pure alolitinists ol tlii.-i State, that come whm will, ihe abolitionisi of Siii.iwossee County wU be prepared for any aad crery emergency. Yours trulv.