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s In the Sciiatc on Tuesday, iho Message was . received nt ten minmespast 12- tho readmg finishoJ twenty minutes pnst 2. 35(.O copies addiliouol wen ordcred to !e printcd, and 15UÜ with documeii's, wlicn ilic Sennte adjurned. ín iliu House a bilí was ntroduecd to increasc the phy of iho nrmy, and land bounties to volun teers in certain cases, and a rcsnlutiun nsking fur informntion respeenng secret inspectora of the revenue. Mr. Sawyor gave notico of a bilí to reduce nnd grndunte (lie pricc of die public land?, and Mr. Tibbatts for the improveiuciit of the imigatión of western rivera. Mr. D.iris of Kentucky, ofTeied a resolution calling for copies of orders tssued to navin aud military commanders in relstion to the ment of civil governmems in conquercd provinces. but tho House adjourned without taking nction on it. In the Senate, on WeJnesdny, Mr. Wood bridge gave notico that he should. at an early day, ask leavo of the Senate to introduce sundry bilis - among them, one to estnblish a land office, and próvido for ihe sale of the mineral landa upon Lake Superior, in Michigan : and anoiher grnnting altérnale sociions of thn public dumuin 10 aid ti iho fiompletion of works of internal imjirovement in the State of Michigan. Mr. Urcese also gave notice of his intention to introduce bilis for reducing ai;d gruduaiing the price of the pubiic liind, for cstablishing a ten itoriil Government in Orrgon, and for catablish ing a land olïicc in Orsgon. Mr. GV.neron subinitied iho following resolution lor cjnaider.ition. Resolved, That tüe committco on military oflüirs bc iiiairucted to inquire into the proprieiv of graniing IGO neres of land to cach non-commiüsioned oflicer, musician, and private aoldior, who may or shall hnve volunteered :o serve the country duiing the present war with Mexico, and of increusing the compensation now allowed bv the '.Vur Department for the trnnsportation and subsistence o{ tho volunteor troopj from thcir homes lo the places of rendezvous in their different states. The reiohiion offered by Gen. Cameron, instruciing the committce on military affairs to inquire frito the propriety of granting 1 GO acres of land to ench comniissioned oflicer, inusi cian and private soldier, who may, or hall have volunteered to perve the country during the preaent war with Mexico, and of incrensing the ompensauon now allowed by the War Departmenl for the trnnppnrmtion nnd subsistance of ihe volunteer troops from their homes to the plnces of rendezvous in their different States, was taken up andagreed to. In the Senate, Dec. .17. Mr. Simon appeare-1 and took "nis soat. Mr. Ashley ituroduced a b;l! to cstabliah a permanent general pre-empMon Land Systom. ïMr. Bréese, a bilí to reduce and grnduaic the price of public lnnds. Mr. Woodbridge, bilis to grnnt public lands to Michigan for internnl mprovenients, and to sell mineral lands on L'ike Superior. The military commit ce wns insiructcd to inquire into the expodiency of p;iy ng volunieerï, disohnrged on nccount of licknest, for full time of enlistment. Mr. Ciittenden ntroduced obill to improvo the Western rivers. In the House, aftcr an inefluctunl attempt to suspend ihe rulee, in order to introduce a bilí íor the repeal of the TarifT, the consideraron of the l'resident's message wns taken up in commiitco of the whole. Mr. Goutry denouneed rh messsge nnd the war. Mr. Kennedy, of Ii.diana, defended the President. Mr. Hudson replied. Mr. Bcnton gave notico of a ' ill to regúlate the anpoimment of public ofTicers, and lo prevent improper influence.