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r"i ■■■ilfimi'irw ■ i, , , , ;sWfpMBMIBBft. This excellent cbmpöund ís for sale by tlu proprieior's Agent. MAYNARDS. 263-1 y .HOLMES TcO., WHOLESALE AND RKTAIL DEALERS IN STATLE AND FAKCT DRY GOODS, ri# Grocertos, Carpclutg, hndpüper ÉTángut JYb 63 IKborfward Aoenué% Lamed s Bloc!;, Detroit. S M nol.Mi:s. Dtroit. S WE lake tlus meihod ot nfcfitting uur trienda u i enlomen tUroogliout tlie Stdi-!, ih wo are sull pursumg the even tenor ai oui we are sun i business upon Ur Wuys, ende i vor in? o , l J . , . , .r.rpil it whoiós-ile or rotml at ven 8LïL? rScS .o.p..rd,rll. Goud 1OK pnce. cotliiórn in th áiaie - c y of New Yftcka frotn his long expenence fnïlie Jobbingtr.le in tl. u cuy. and Iroui hiü New York. 53,000 lbs. WOOLWameJ.' the abovo -,nan.iy o. ood rng ible Woaj tor which ihe lughest niarket pric. willbopaid. - HOLMES & CO. Detroit, MnySS, ie43. 2Htf Jl Ï846. WHOLESALE & RETA IL. 137 JEFFKRSON AVBNUE, DETROIT. KEE'PS constanrly lor s;ilea compleie assor. me,U of Mi-ell.neous. Schooi and Cl.iss.c:,i bS sgsfirifeS ed QjiIIs. Iik. Wax, u?nr. Wrap pin-i ■ pa!.cr, Prínlíug Paper of 11 s.zcs; a.ul BoTk NeVsand Ca.u.istor Ink: of vanons k.nds. mK B OKS, fu!l and haH bouid. ut ev eríty : MM Memorandum Book., &c. Tu Jícuams, Tencbers, and oihera, buytng in u-ianiiiies. alarge discount made. Sabbatlx ScWandiiibleSocHuy Pg ATTENTION THTWÖRLD ! ! Free Trade and Tailors Rights. T'IE citizens of Ann Arbor and vicmity. of WashtennwCounty and Cotmiies adjmning: ie Uiformed tint now is the time io e om fortably CLOTHED and FIXEP UP for a cuid Vinter. , _ . The verv best kind of Cloiha and Trimn.ings can be bouahi cUeap in Ann Arbor.L'.wer 1 own, ndiberelsa TAlLOR opposiie G. & L. Beckley's Store, who cau't bc outdone any where in these pirts. m . _ , H' is prenarèd to do work in the most Fashionaile Swfe, orfpilow the direction ol his customers. and being pos,essed of a large shnre o! tho Mdk of Huma i Kiudnesa, his termsare calabüshed on ihe principie of LWE ASD LET LIFE." He has a peculiar traít in hïs character which should be hoiicéd-, it i strnnge. vet trne a arance.- He wiU nol Viólate his Pronus-.- Customcrs enn Irive their gnrments at the time specificd. FARMERS enn he crtnin of feocd Slinganá easy setting GARXEÜTS, nhd are nfdrmodlht all kind, of PRODUCE (excep. Ciibbage) will be taken in exchange lor his services He cuta to on!., and his garments are sure XO Si if properly matlc up. spragU"1' Ann Arbor, Lowir own. Dcc. r. ISlfi. LINSEED OIL.'f TUE Subscriber is manuTactnring Linseed Oil on an extensive scale and he is a'ole to BÜP%ERCHANTS AMD PAINTERS, on erina more fav ml.le for theirt than have ever bclore been ofiored In 'nis country, and he i prepared t supply orders f-r large or small quan titics ni pnces cr'trttnthj law. J Com.nunications by mail vill be prompt lyattendelto. D L. LATOURETTE. Long Lnke. Genesec Co. Mich. '283-1 y IN ATTACHMENT. Before E. Thomson. Justice of the Peace. James Gibaon, and Elnathan Botsford, vs. James Mulholiand. State of Michigan-, } M Connty oC Washteiiaw. J "VTOTICE is hereby gnten thni an nttaclimeni J against the goodsj chatieLs. rights, credits moneyiT. and efieeta of ilie abjve named defendant. Jaraes Mulholiand. an abètcoridirigr deblor, has'been taken out Irom beïóit E. Tlion.s.ui. Emj.. Jusiice of the Peace of the snid County oi Washienaw. at ihe snit of James Gibson, and Klnnthan Roiatórd. Plaintiffi. dbove named ; and ihat the said Defendant not nppearmg on the return day thereof. the cnuse is coniinued for tria till ihe 6th day of Marcli, 1 S-17, at one o'clock jn the afternoon. at the office of snid Justice, n the vilhge of Ann Arbor, in siid County. Jams Gibson-, j PtaitUiffs. Elnatmvs Rotsfoud, J " Ann Arbor, Que. 5. lr'4i gí)l-Pv WAÜNTrED, at Perry's Bookstore, Tona clean Conon and Lincn Rags, 1 Ton Bei-swax. and 3500 Dollars in oash, for the larjrestassorl ment of Boo'ts and Stationery ever offered in thit Vlllage, and at his usual iow jriccs. Ann Arbor. upper Vlllage, Oct. 7, 1846. 2ïiC-tf 'THE LIBERTY MINSTREL OE HUNDRKD COPIES of the fifth ca tion of -.'nis híghly popular w.irk are iur snl nt the Siirnal office ai 50 cenis single or $ '.5 per dozen. Terms Cash. Nov ts the lim lo Liberty choirs to supply thcmselves. E. G. BURGER, Dentisl, FIRST ROOM OVER C. M. &C T. W. ROOT'í STORE, CRANE & JEWETT's BLOCK, 261-tf ANN ARBOR. CASH FOR VVOODÜ CASH w.ll be pnd for TWEN TV FIV f Corda of good Wood, delivured to the sub tt„bWflinLowerTOw„sTER&DELL Dc, 8, ISifi. 94-ft K vncti MjmiH ■■■ 'BKflfllHHHHHMMHa ""''í''!! fcfcp""" B r 1 i.i t 11 i tji' ',U'' 'lililí L.EATHER! LEATHER! LJSATHER! Í ELDRED & CO., No. 123, Jefierson Avenue, "Eldreá's Block," Detroit, take ihis opportunity lu inform their customers, and the public gencrally, tliat they t till cüiuinue to keep on hand a full assortment of li il Spanisli S.)lc Lcntlicr, I Also, Lnsis nnd Pcgs, Curriers' Tools, JLc. 8 Sl;nmlri-rc(l cio Uorso and Coliur LenUier, ,, Ilcmlucli lonnëd Upper í,enihcr, Cordev.m do Oalc ' Morocco Skina, j, Krencli tnnned Culf Skins, Soal do (j O.ik nnd Hcmliuk lanned do Goal Binding, t Henilook tniiucd Uarness and Ci die Loaiher, Deer and Lfimb do n Onk -; " li Wliito an'd Colored Linings, 0 ln% nd Tor Lenther, j Printed do (1 S kir tl Dg. l'liiladclpliia and Oliio; Shoe Russct do ,; niogS a" Kit ol all kinds. si As the Subscribers are now manufnoturing their own Leather, they are prepared é o sell as low osean be purchased in thij market. _ ') Merchants and manufacturers will find it to their advantage to cali and examine p our slock befo re pnrehasing el-sewhere. iïjCash and Leather exchanged for Ilides andSkins. s ELDRED & CO. l Detroit, Jan. 1546. _ 248-1 y J