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Good! More Slaves Running Away For Liberty

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Maryland and Virginia, are taking a slave puke, and it is to be hoped that they will never stop until they vomit up all of their slaves. After a long and tecious journey from Detroit to tho City of Boston, I arrived on the 28th of Nov. On the same night I had the pleasure of shaking hands with three fugitives just from Maryland. The next day I had the pleasure of shaking hands with six slaves just from Maryland and Virginia, and on the third day after my arrival, I was informed that seven more had just uarived. And so they are coming almost every day. One of the first three referred to, gave me a short sketch of his history. He said when he first started, he was in company with one other slave. They started from the sea coast of Maryland, in a smail sail boat with a determination never to stop short of Liberty or death. But poor fellows, they knew not the dangers to which they were exposed, while upon the wide and stormy ocean in smail boat. They had no compass by night, but the North Star, nor pilot to conduct them to tho Boston Harbor, but the pilot vho conducted tho children of Israel through the Red Sea. They suffered much with fear during their voyage on the water. The fear of being cast away and lost by storm on the one hand, and the fear of being captured and taken back into cruel bondage on the other. But one night, after being out several days, there came a heavy storm which carried away their mast and buried one of of the fugitives into a watery grave, with all of the provisions they had to eat, while the other was left alone in the little craft, exposed to the rain and storm, expecting every moment would be his last. He was for several days and nights tossed upon the waves of the sea without a bite to eat or drink. But tho poor fellow one day saw vessel coming under sail, and he made to it signs of distress, and the kind hearted Captain came up and took him on board, and brought him into Boston port, where ho is free. Henry Bibb.