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Tliis excellent compound is for sale bv tho )roprictor's Agcnts. MAYNARDS. 263-ly STORE. Sign of the Big An,vil, Third Store south of the Square on Mam Slreet. ' TUF: Subfcribcr, having rcccivel his winter stock, would respcctlully nvitu to ii8 in spection Country Denlcrfi, Mechanica, ond Fr mors. confidcm ihatihey wil! iïnd thenssortmern as general nnd complete., and tho prices ns low (With tho additiounl chnrgo for transportotion on heavy goods) as at any establisinnent of the kind in Detroit. Hia stock is compiieed in part of tlao followina anides FOR BLACKSMJTHS. Jiu.iata. Swedes, and Oíd Sable Bar Iron Jiuiiata and Peru round ni.d square Iron, froiri Í;1 i' 1 Inch!?S.JIand. "op, Stake, and Horse S hoe Jtoji, all sizes ; Norwegian ond 01i Sabio Nml Rods ; American. Swedes, F.ngliah Biister.Gennan, and Cast Steels. Albany Spiina Steel, Albany mudo Wagon nnd Seat Sprint Wagon Boxes. Sloigh nnd Cutter Shoes, Malleable C.'Rimgs of cvery possible form, JioifO Nnils, Borax, Horse Shoe Shapes, Bugg Bnml Annftage Mouse Hole nnd Wright's Anvil Coiircl Kcyod V cta, West'ö Bellows, Sledes and Hand Jhinmers, Hollow Augers, Fi lts and Rasps ot evéry simpe nnd sizo. FOR CARPENTEHS, A fulj nssortnient of caetorn Benclt nnd Moulding Tools ; l'lmu: Irons; Millwriht, F,nminS, Corner. Uuck JMI, Firmer, and Toriiino Chif ela ; M.llvvright, Tuining, nnd Firmor Gousea Concave, Cm-.cuve Nut, and Conimon Auirerg : Aögcr-Jippedj Centre, Spoon. Goue, nnd ü.n; Hand, I'anel, Buck, Coni,aw, and koyliulo Sawa ; Sieul and Jron Sqtiares Try Squnres and I Bcvcla ,: Spirit Levéis ; 3 nnd 4 f.ild Rules ; Brond. Hn,d. nnd Nnrro Axoa Adzes. iiaiiiniers, Setts ot" Braees and Bitts. ' FOR BÜILDLRS. Cut Naílfl from 21 to 60.1, Vrught Nailn, Broud heail nnd hinisliing fïölio, Cut Ursds, Dry aud Mixed Lead, Linsred Oil ; " BeIl(Wm'óii G loss from 7 by ü to 10 by 11; Amonen ii uncí Norfolk Latcliea.; Americnn nnd Engíish Rim MortiHc, ond Cotinfrc Lcks nnd Lojchea, wul Rosewood, Brnss, Mineral, nnd i'lnted Knob - Cnsi, TarilT, and Wrouglit Butta; Scror. Holt' Door Bcl!j nnd Furiiiture, Bruau KnoekcrB, Cutern Pumps. THE FARMERS, will fi id every uionsil th;y ïequiro. A.tps Manure nnd Pitch Forks, Jron nnd Cnst Steel Shov. ols nnd Spade, Grnss and Crndlo Sythes. Giain Scoops, Hoes. Grubuinjr Hoes, Siraw Kiiire Crowbnrs. Peck Axes. Wo nnd Horso Carda! Horse Bnishes and Curry Combs, Log, Trace' Coil, Wrapping. nnd Halter Chaina. HOUSEKEEPERS, can ei]ect from the most splondkJ assortmenf oí tmciican nnd Eiiflish Tablo Cutlory, Shoa-n Scissors; Pen aixl Pocket Knivca; Butler Knivó' Iron, Brittanma. Gorman Silver, nnd Plnted Ta and Tnblo SpoJbs ; Brittannin Ton and Ct.ff(so Pota ; JJr.nss, Iron. and Brittannia Candlrgiicks and Lampa, Snufrcrs and Trays, Tea Trayp, Brassaml Jron Andirons, Shovela, and Tongt Brnss Ketiles nnd Pails-, SaJ iionj. Ac. A ' toijHiluT with u larce assortment of Albany ('ast COOK, PARLOR, & BOX STOVES, all of which, having purchased for Cash, he wül oiler at meal reasojiablo torms HENIIY W. WELT.FS. Ann Arbor, Dec. 3, [846, 233-1 y SELECT SCH00L MISS J. B. Smitii. assisted by Mie 8. FiBT.nn'nnotínce'e tothe public thnt sh is prepaixd to repoye young latiies into hrr trlioJ m thcbasi-mcm room of the Ëpiöjopal Church. Tkhms.- For qtinrterof 12 weeks, tor Enxlieh branches from $2,to $5; French and Latin cncli $.5 extra rf pysued togetlier wjth rl.o English studies, or scparntcly, $;5 each. The school wiJl be furnished wiih a Philosophical nj.purntus; and oecnsionnl lectures givejj on iJio Untura] Sciences. iMrs. Huphs wil! ivc nslruciion to nll -k].o desire it, in Music, Drawing, Paii,tint nnd Necdlcwork. Miss Smiih refere to the followinggenliemonProfessors Williams, Ten J rook, nnd Whsodon of the University; Rev. W. S. Curtip Rov Mr. Simons, Rev. C. C. Taylor, Jlon. E. Munly, Wm. S. Mnynnrd Efq, Ann Arboi. April 29. 1ti46. 2C2-tf MICHIQAN LAND AND TAX AGENCV. II. D. POST, Mason, Ingham Coimty, Michigan. WÍLL attend to the payment of Ta.xes, examination ol Tales, púrcliase nnd aalo f Londa, &.c. &c. Any business cntrustecl lohim wil] be tranenctcd with promptness and accuiacy- Addres h mail. Rrfercnccs, (by vennission. 1 C. Hurlbut, Dcttoic, J. C. ilcnrn, ilrothcr& Co. J „. Wilder ai Snow, lroyWoodbury, Avery t Co ? , R. G. Williams, J Aw YrR. CHEAP STOVEfl AT YrSILANTl! 195 COOKING &PARLOR STOVES, just received, by the Si:bfciiber, (mostly from Albany) ninking o gtoá nsaortment ei the Iateet and best potterns, whieh wilt bo sold at Low Piiccs! not to bo undcrsold thia eide Laks Eric! Al8O, Coppor Furniture, Cauldron Ke:tles, Hollow Waro of all eizes, Slovo Pipo, Sheet Iron, Zink, &c. TIN WARE! Manufactured, nnd constnntly Kept on hand whieh will nlso be sold very low. P. S.- Purchasers will'do woll to cali nnd examino for thcir own eatibfaction. J. M. BROWN. Ypsilanti, Jnne 20, 1846. 27lt FOR SALE CIIEAPfor CASH, or every kimf ofcootry Produce, Saddïcs, Bri(lïcs,Harncss, Trunks, Yalises, Trunk Valiscs, Carpct Bags, tyc. Aleo n gooa assortinent of Whips & Lasiiks, which will bc sold verjr low, nndno tnistake, t COOK & ROBINSON'S. Ann Arbor, August 12, 18-1G, 277-tf BÊG. BURGER, Dentist, FIRST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. EOOT's STORE, ORANE 6i JEWETT'S BLOOK, 261-tf ANN ARBOR. C CLARK, Attorney nnd Counselor, anti Justice of the Peace.- Office, Court :iou6e, Ann Arbor. SiMHf MED J CAL BOOKS. A NEW lot of Medical Books. jnst opend and for salo dieap for cash al June 15. 270-íf Fuant'