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WËÈÈ pBBBWI Tliis excellent nompound is for sale by ihe oprietor's Aci,s. MAYNARDS. 2G3-ly STORE. Sign of the Big Anvil. Vhird Slorc south of the Square on Main Street. ril E Subscribcr, haviiig recèlved his winter stack, would respcctfully invite to its npcction Country Dealers, Mechanica, nnd Kar ncts. confideht that they will find theassonment 9 general ind complete, iind the prices as low with ihe udditionn! charge for transportaron on icavy goods) aa at any establishment of the kind n Detroit. Il is stock is compiised in part of the followinc rtielus k FOR BLACKSM1THS. Jnniata. Swcdes, and Old Snble Bnr Iron fnnmta nml Peru round ai.d square Iron from Mtiihe i lo 3 nchca; Band, Hoop, Stake, and rlorse Shoe Iron, all eizes ; Norwgian and Old Sable Nnil Rods ; American. Swedes, EnIj8h Biister.Gotman, nnd Cast Steels, Albany Spring Steel, Albany mndu Wagon and SeatSprins Wagón Boxes. Sleigli and Cutter Shoes, Maleable Ostings of every possible forrn, Horso ails, Borax. Horse Shoe Shapes, Bug Band Armitasc Mouse Hole and WrighVs Anvils Coitrel Keycd V ices, West's Bellows, Slcdees ind Mnnd Hantmera, Hollow Augera, Files and Raspa of evcry shapó and sizc. FOR CARPENTEUS, A full assorttiiem of eastern Benclt and Moulüng Toolts : Jmns ; Millwrjthl, Framinc Corner. Duck Bi]!, Firnier, and Turiiing Chicla ; Millwright, Turning, and Firnier Gouoea ; Concave, Concave Nut, and Cotnmon Aucrs ; Auer-lippcd Centre, Spoon. Gouc, and Glrn' blel Bius ; Hand. Panel, Buck, Compasa, and Kcyholo Sawa ; Steel and Iron Squaièëi Try Simares, and Be veis : Spirit Levéis ; 2 and 4 folü Rules ; Brond. Hard, and Narrovr Axca AdzeS, HaVnmers, Seto of Braces und Bitts. FOIl BUILDERS. Cut Nails frnm 2,1 to 60d, Wrought Naila Broail head and Fjnierjfng Naü?, Cut Brads, Dry and Mixed Lead. Linsccd Oil ; 4-Bel!overnon" Glass l'rom 7 by 9 to 10 by .J ; American and Norfolk Laiehes ; American nnd Kngliah Rim Mortise. and Cotlage Locks and Latchos. with Rosewood, Brass. Mineral, and Plated 'Knobs ; Cnsl, Tiirifi'. nnd VVrought Butts; Scrcws. Bohs' Door B.cllfi and Fi.rnituie, Brasa Knockers, Cistern Pumps. TUE FARMERS, will fi ld every u'ensil ihoy ïrquirc. Axcq. Manure ond Pitch Forks, Iron and Cust Steel Shovels and önades. Grnss and Cnidle Sythes. Grain Scoops, ll.)es. Grubbine Hoes, Straw Knives Crowbiirs, Peelt Ajee, Woöl and Horse Carda Morse grnèbea and Curry Combs, Log, Trace' Coil, Wrapping. and Halter Chains. IIOUSEKEEPEUS, can select froni tbc most splendid nssorlmeni of Aiiieiican and %glisfi Table Cutlery, Siiea-s Seissors; Pen aml Pocket Knives; Butler Knive Iron, nriit.mnia, Gennnn Silvcr. hnd Tlnied Tra and Tqhle Sponns ; Briünnnia Tea and Cofl'co Pots; Brnss, Iron. and Brittnnnia Candloaiicks iind Lamps. SouiTers and Trays, Ten Trnjs Brass and Iron Andirons, Shovels, and Tonas' Brass Kettles and P.jils, Sad Iron.. Ac. &c ' tonether with a lnrge ator'tnVènt of Albany Cat COOK, PARLOR. & BOX STOVES, all of wlnch. hn'ving púrchased for Cash, he ivill oftlr at tnosl reason:i))le icrmi HENRY W. WELLES. Ann Arbor, Der. ', 18-16. 2X-y SELECT SCHOOL. MISS .J. B. S.iitTH. asïifiicd by Mies F. FiKt.j-, nnnoiiiK ■.' lo the public that shc is prepnml Co rèceTvè yonhg larics mi,, ,cr M.IOui in tha:b8meni lo.mi or the Eptssopo) Gburch Ti:i;mó. - For qu.mer ol 12 weeks, for English branches from $ 15; Freneh nJU Lmin each ■S'J extra il Miusued together with he Kn-lish tildes, or sepmoicly, .siü each.. Tle èthbol w.llbefurnished wiih a Philosophical appmatus; ond occasional lectures given on ihe Natural Sciences. Mrs. Hughswiïl giyo nslrunion to all wlo desireii, in Music. Drawing, Paintingand iec dlework. Mies Smith rcfers to the followir.foenltenicn: Professors Willidine, Ten J rook, and Wheedon ol the Universiiy; Rev. W. S. Curtís. Rev Mr. Simons. Rev. C. C. Tnylor, Hon. E.Mundy; Win, S. Mayniird Efq. Ann Arbor.April 20. 1ril6. 2fi2-if MICHIGAN LAND AND TAX AGENCY. II. D. POST, Mason, lugham County, Michigan. WILL aflond tothe payment of Taxes, exammniion of Tules, purchaee and aalo of Lands, &c. Src. Any business entrusted tohini will be transacted with proruptnesa and accuracy- Addresa hv mail. Refcrcnccs, fbypermission!') C. Hurlbut, Jhfroi'r, J. C. Heartt. Biother & Co. } -. Wilder Sc Snow, $ Tro'JWoodburv. Avery & Co. ) „ R. G. Villinms, Aet0 !frA. CHEAP STOVES AT YPSILANTl! 4: COOKLVG & PARLOR STOVES, ■J--4- juetreceived, by the Subpciiber, (moat!y from Albany) niaking a good assortment of the latest and best pal terna, which will be sold at Low Piices! not to be underaold thia side Lako Erie! Also, Copper Furniture, Cauloron Kèiilea, Mollow Ware of all sizes, Stove Pipe, Sheet Iron, Zink, fcc. TIN WARE! Manufactured. and constantly Kept on hand which will also bcsold very low. S. - Purchasers will do well to cali and examine for their own satisfaction. J. M. BROWiV. xpsilanti, J:mo20, 18'IG. 271t FOR SALE CHEAP fok CASH, or every kind of country Produce, Saddlcs, Bridlcs,Hanicss, Trunks, Valises, Trunk Vaüscs, Carpet Bags,$c. Also a üooü óssortrnentof Whips & Jasheb, which will be sold v'cry low, and no rhiatnkè, nt COOK fcROBLNSON'S. Ann Arbor, August 12, 184G. 277-tf E. G. BURGER, Denlisl, FIUST ROOM OVER C. M. & T. W. ROOT's STORE, ORANE & JEWETT'S BLOCK, '61-tf ANN ARBOR. C CL ARK, Attorney and Counselor, and Jueticc of the Peace.- Office, Court Houee. An Arbor. 29Jtf MEDICAL B00KS. A NEW lot of Medical Books. just opeiwd and for sale chenp for cash at June 15. 270-tf Pzrrt'ï