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Poetry: Hymn Of Glory

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Wo see ihat cerinin verse wrighu are tryiny to -extract glory and eiiiliumnain om of tbc moss■acro tt Montcrey. J3y filtering the mingled blood and rapiñe, and nmrdcr thiüuh t hei r thiek iflkulls, tliere cornet ou" a beaker of pure heroism. 'Thtro re a few toa tu res omitied in their psalnib f victory which, perbiipe, u iglú make a just. if not pleannnt, ipcümponiment to it. Sume oí thee we l-if c n:ia.',cd to bnner [nto rjiyme nín-r a fashiuaj and !.y it a a votirc ulfenng un ih. 'jthrineaf tho presen: Adininiutraiion, wiili ilit iüitb ihitifú iiuatíis poe:icol a i i iiamesaLc. it ! at least twice as truo. MONTERST. They were r.ot many - thoy wlio wrouglit Tlieir (teeJ afilíame too dark fr ihouglífy On desporate rapiñó bent hai day, - The hurrls who wricd ior negro cliains. And tnarked witl) batiere Ui, d and lruins The conquerid lowers oí Wunierey. Thj drove Wnr" jílougWiarc, beanied wii!, fire. Tbroögh tl.)f,'gina ilinl) and g'Jie tliick mire. Tobuild oppression' ;ed highway ; Arma drippinj; with tle liuUaUíi'a l:le. Clung, ?piling, round ihe mlnicking wife, ín the throtigcd streetaof 1 1Ove'á Bower wm track d wth fuoisreps freo I ■ Fmm the torriLoVar'a jllied rleah, Who kfii ho; ruin lng .it b;y ; Pal6uuk iíib Siütcr'tf ravis'ud íorm !n blo'id f Dro'.heri. yet lífe-wann, W&u fuught lor her, and Al-jiíiarcy. Blent wail, nnd cunc. and niurdcr cry, Aa raking la!l and bomb went by Through honics wlicio Babea nd Moibers lay; Andpüghted faitl nnd Imnor fu!l, Likc biossoniain tito breaih ol Hel!, Eeíorc iho loes vf Moutercy. An " Angel " on tliaifi Id aecursed Hore water for thi'ir burning thirai Wha fled lioni hall mU a'jbre sway ; The hun-jry dcaih-shot j!ucked her cliarma To crowii '.lie glory of our bíids, On ihe won l.eL'hta oí Momerey 1 They wcre not many - they who fought ; Yet oh, how deep a ihey wrought Por tnillions, inurder sttintd as they - Who, bound to .Slaveiy's victor-car, Uryed on her bandit lionJp lo war, Anti wastó t'ie iionies of JMonterey.