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National Antislavery Convention: From The Western Citizen

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Fo the Eaitor of the Western Citizen: Dear Sir- At the North Wesiern Liberty Covent!on held in the city of Chi cngo on the 24th, 25th and 20th of Juno last, on motior. of the Hon. E. S. Hamlinof Ohio, the followingresolution waa adupted : "Resolved, Thata committeo of twelvo be oppointed by the President, for the purpose of corresponding with nntislavery men of all partiea throughout the United StutPS, on ihe propriety of holding aNationnl Antislavery Convention at Washington City or some oiher suitahle place, nnd that tliey be ompowered to cali such meeting if thev judgebost, end desígnate the time and plnce óf holding it ; the annnuncement of the Committee to bo mado tttrough the Western Citizen." In confurmity with the provisions of ihe above resolution, I hereby announce, in the manner therein prescribed, tho following natned gentlemen toconstitutesaid committeo : Hon. E. S. IJamlin, Cleveland, Ohio. J. Bioelow, Esq., Washington City, D.C. Prof. C. D. Cleveland, Philadelphia, Penn. Rev. J. E. Snodorass, Ballimora, Md. Lewis Tappan, Esq., New York City, Nfiw York. Rev. Joshua Leavitt, Boston, Mass. Hon. John P. Hale, Dover, New Uampshire. Hon. E. D. Culver, Greenwich, Noít York. Rev. Guy Beckley, Ann Arbor, Alichignn. Hon. Jusmua R. Gjddings. JefForson AsVtabula co , Ohio. ; Rev. Owe.v Lovejoy, Princeton, Bureau county, Illinois.