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Military Activity At Washington

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í cannot describe to you the press ot business upon the two military depnrtments. The city is full of contracto, and the tug at the teots of the treasury s incessnnt. Verily, the road to the halls of the Montezumas appear to be a path of gold- the pavement of which, however, comes out of the-pockets of the mul. titude. War is generally a popular amusement, but, like most oiher excltitig games, it is awfully expensive. ït is expecled that the Mexican people and government will finally pay the damages. May ba they will, but if the bill does not take the form of a draft upon the next generation of the American people, I shall bedisappoiited. Perhnps we shall receive an unlimited order upon the undeve'oped richesof the Mexican mines, which cannot be cashed without more troublo than it will occasion to suhdue the proprietors of ihem. - Corr. New York Evening Post. CC? The Detroit Advertiser saya of Gen. Schwarz's Bi'ls - " Gen. Schwarz gave notice in the Senate yesterdny of two bilis- one for the repeal of the law amending the licenss act, and the other for alaw further securing bill holde rs. The last proposition, is in effect, the adoption of Ihe State stock securiiy, requiring nll banks to deposite with someStnte oflker, the stocks of inteivst inying States, to the full amount, dollar for dollar, of their circuhition, and the bilis to be countersigned and registered by ihe Sta'e officer. This measure, as we understand it, is not only an important one ns furnishing perfect security tp.all holders of the bilis of our existing banks, but as n principie of gen?ral banking, throwing open the whole business to whomsoever may see fit to furnish Ú19 capilal and security' (C By the Legislative doíngs, h will lic seen that Mr. Taylor, Whig, hns proposedthat the Government hall agnin commence tinkering with the currency, apparently with the view of m.miifacuring more Banks. We shuld think the people hal been fooled enough by Banks to be cautious how they made any more.- v We shall see whether they will learn any ihing by oxperienco.