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THE SÜBSCRIBER has received hia winter stock, wluch he ollera lor Cuh, al grently reduced pri:ea. Tlic Public aro inviied to cali, examine, and judgo for themselve. iNow on hand, and doily adiJing. SOFAS of e very variety and paitern, and ihe Iniesi faahion. pnoea Ironi $30 and upwr.rds. DIVANS, OTTOMANS, LOUNGhlS, BUREAUS, ui nll kinds, from $1 and up. Centre. Jurd, Ten, Dress, Pier, Dining, and Nest Tnblos. Wiisli. Cündle, nnd Foiíet Stands. Bcdsieads- Mnhoganv, Maple, and Wiluut, from $2 and tip. Piano Furies : Piano Covero ; Piano Stoola. Doublé and singlo Mjtresaes oí Lair, huck, palm lea f, or itraw. Doublé and single Cot Bedrends. do do Writing De&k. CHAIRS. - The bett nasurtment iliot can L Tound wet of New York and tho clieapest in tnd cily. WinJsjr Chaira, a good article, at 32 50 tb e. v M.-ihognny Fiench (Jliairs, hnirseat. a fir6t rat a.-;icle, nnd well flnished for 3 50. Cesh only. Mahogany Rocking Chairs, huir .v-ni and back, warrnnred yuod, at tue low price of $12, for Ui cash only. Fln nnri Cane Seal from 6i. nnd up. Bird Cagcs, plain nnd gaüery : Bird Glastet, Hobby Horses. nnd Toy Wheêlbarrow, forchildieu; Patent Sliower and Hip Bnth ; Botia Bth Pan-, Camp S;oo!s. Ürnbreüa and fiat S;nnJ?. Fnnc Boitpw. Foot Scrnpera, Can Spat Counter and Boat Stor.l. Curtnin maierial, Tiible covers, Paten: Poai-Office Bnlanccii. Pio tme Frames. Wtitovi Wagons, Crndl.:3, Chairf Cfocks. ond Ba.-keis ; Brmannia Tuble Castora, very chenp. Mahognny and Rosewood Veneers ; Varnish " nnd Japnn : Bronae, Mnhognny Knobá, Lock, Glu'. Curled Hair, nnd Cane Seats. Ali-o. a hrge as3ortrticnt of American Cotors. expressly for Cubinet Makers, very cheap, Caüm and the highest marltet price pnid for any quantiiy of Walntu nnd Cherry Lu.nber. 1 wilt also contract for any quontity of lirat rnte Wnlnut Lumber. to be saw ed to order, and deltvered by the Jst of June next. " J. W. TiLLMAN, No. f-7. Jeflersan Avenua. Detroit, January 1, 1647. 2Ü7-lyLOOK HEREÜ EOSïOlT OASE SÏO2LS: Nj. 2 Exchangn BuiUiiir, Oue Door Soutk of the Exr.hanve HaUl. Vpcr Town AXN AR LOR, AlICH. TÜST received and od" ín, ior snle Cheap ü for .Coabj being ONE OF the best asaortmenw of I) Jl Y GüUDS ever bcfore offefëdlu ihis Mnrket-5rA as- - BROADCLOTIJS, CASSIMERES, SATINAS, pRliNTS. SUIRT1NG AND BHEBT-INOi VESTÍiVGS. PLAIDS SHAWLS, A LARGE ASöORTAlEiNT, &. and Imost cvcry thing in tlie Dry Goode line, ti'O numerous to memion- all ol which nre of ihe laiest and niosi r,tshumidU Slylts. The public ore invited 10 c:ill ond elimine this stock or aooDs, utid to jude fóí tliernselvcs. Goo-is wijl be ehown at all times, and crery atten.un pni-j to iWe whovisit tlie Boston Caih store. Don't forget the nuniber, No, 2, V.x' ■'■■■40 Building, Upper Town, Boston CasU istore. MA NS, AI'DOWELL &■ CO. Ann Arfior, Jnnüafy, J47. 298-tf READV MADE SLOTHIHG-ÍÍ HAï.lLOCK & RAÏ-fflorvD, HAVE now on hand. just niai.mnciured under tlitirown iHstruciion. at thfir wcll knuwn CLOTHINQ EMPORIUM, corner of J fftrson and Woodwurtl atenuest üktuoit, one of the largest and most complet asurmici:s nf Rctdy Vlade Clothivg ever before oiï red in ihis Stnte. which ihey ar nrepired to seü nt the rry Uto st Cmh pricu, for these Cash tl, „es. Culi tnd sec ! 1 Deiroit, Jan. ñ, 18I7. i93-tf CORi, RYE fc WHEAT. VyANTED bythe subscribers, 10,000 " " bushclö ot Corn- IÜ.Oi.ü buslidsoi Rve. nd {0.0OJ busheld or" Whsnr, delivered ai iho Siüiim AJill. for whicb C:ish will [.e p:iid J:GALLS. LAMB, & FlSHER. Ann Arbor, Jim. 4, 1Ó47. 2JS-'f ORÍGHT and Biack Log Chai ds. MJ r.i). (i 16. 7-l(3f ..V .]( wrpping do emigra and twisted link Traco do' H;i!ter , viir-p;r:!ríwn!ienp at the lígn ofíh9 BiA'' fJF.NRY W. WELLF.S. Ann Arbtir, Jan. 10? lt'47. 2l8-l Ji.MllAGt; MuuU HoJe" Anviia. Coitercl Keyed Vices. Wesi's best Ijüow8t SO 10 36 inchess SJpdge Hand Hommers, Fife, a„d Rap of inLX'iït i00n'i at tiJe Iron Slürcga Ann Afhor. .Tnn Í0; 1P47. ' ''JOfy FOR SALE. hG? FARM'tanhlgOnehun. (50 „pi 7 mi-vuclts ' BHÜ"iuf land, ere. npdcrin.proTemen, w„h n goodpai„,cd houw, framed fr„, and (j ncrea ofcSS.A poyment will be reqmrtd down, ind the bal. nnc. m 3 nd 4 yents. 'J ,,!e indisputable. for furtlier inforniation ertquire of J. A. TWISS, " t . , Ann Arbor' Lower Vill?. January 10, 1S47. 299-Öw