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'T'HE procedüiy iiguio i.s given to represen the lnaeiVdibiè l'erspiraiimi. It ie ihe ijre.i j vacu itiiui Idt tlie iiipunties b'F the body. It wil! i :,e nottced ihat.o ilnck clyudy trust issues froni til pointe of the surtace, whiiii indianés ihfli ilus uersuirulion fl ave uniinerrispteilly wlion wc J are in healtli. but ceases wheu we are sick. Li i eaunoi be eustnined without it. Il ia tlirown mII ' ! .rum thü blond mm othcr juicos ot the body. ! and liy thia tneun?, ofnaarty all the impinities wnhin us. 'J'he blooii, b) iliis means ' only, works nsoli pure. Tlie tanguijge uf Scrip turéis, "in the Bluod is :he Lifo." It it ever Ijccuiiits intpure, it niny be trnccd directly to the sioppugc ot' the Insensible l'crspiration. Itnever , requires any interna! medicines to clcanst; it. as ! it ulways purifics itself hy its own leac nriddètJQn, and Uirows off n'l tUo otfbnding hnmorF, throiioh the Insensible I'erspirnticn. we Bffé all tliat is necèssnry when the blood is stngnant, or inlected. is to open 'ie pores. andit relieves itpeli trom üll inipurity instantly. Iteown lieni nnd vitalnv are sudicient, wiihout partióle ot nadicine. êXeépl 10 open tlie pon" upon thesurfacó we soe the t'olly or taking so mnc-h iiiiernal re dies. All prauiiuoncrs, howovcr, direct tlieir effjrta to restore the Insensible lerspiration, but it sceMs to bc not alwnys the proper one. 'J'he Tlioinpsonian, lor ristancê stcuü.s. the Ilydropnthisi shrouds ns in wet blankets, the Il-unopaih st deals out infinitissitnnls, ihe AlliiDaihist blecdsnnd doses us with tnereury,nnd ihc blustering Quack gorges us with piils, pills.. pills. To give some idea of thenmnunt of the Insen niblo l'erspiration, we wilt stntethat thu loarned Dr. Lcwenhoek. and tiie gicat Bpefhnnve, oscertained that iivceighthsol all wereeeive into tlut(nn:icli. passcd oif ly this nieims. In othei words. if we eiiland drink eight pounds per day. wc ev-cuate five pounds of il by the Insensible Perspinitipn. n%his is none nther thnn the used up pariicles uf the and other juiee giving place t.i the new and fresh ones. 'J'o check thia, therefore, is to retain in the svaicin fiv-eithths öf "II the virulent maner thni nature demanils should leave the roly. And even when this is the ensr, the ll iod is of so active a principie, that it dcierinineí t ose particles to the ski i, vvhcrê they form seat6. pimples, ulcers. and oihsr spots. By a suelden irf-nsition froni heat to cold, the poröa are 6toppcd, the perspiration eeases. and linease begins nt once tu developq itself. Henee. !t8típwge oí" iiiis flow of the juices, originales so iiiaiiy eoroplaiiíts. It is by stopping the pores, hit overwíiehns inn;ikind w;ih couglis. culis, and oor.sumptions. .Vine-teniiis of ihó wutld die fro:n dise'isea inl.iccd by a Btpppoge ol iho Issenaible Perspira ion. It is caíiljf 8cen. therefore, how nccessiry e ihe llw pf ihis subtle humor to tlie siirfnce. u preserve hcnlth. It cannot bu etopped; it 'jnnnot be even clíecked, without inducing diseuse. Let me ask now. every canüd inind, whai course scems lite most reasonable to nursue. to unstop the pores. alter iln-y ore closed? Wouh! you give pin sic to unniop tt,e pores? Or vvöuld yon apply omethjng that would do this upon úw üurfuce, where t!ie cloging actuolly isf Would noi ihis he. common sense? And yet I kn'iw oi no physician who niakes any external application to efí'cn it. Thereason 1 assign íb, tiíat iio medicine witliin theirknowledge. is capable of doing it. Under tbse circumstances, I prcasnt to phystcians, and toall others, a préparation that Ins this power in iipfiillept extern. It is Ale ALSTEIVS ALL IIEALING OINTMENT, orthe WORLD' S SALVE! It has power to reHiore perspiration on the íeet, on the head, around oíd sores, upon ihe chest, in shori. upon any piirt ol the body, whether diseased tlightly or severely. It has power to cause all external sores, scrofuloiishamors. skin diseafcs. poisonous wouncls. todiacharge their putr.d matter, and then Keale ihcm. It is n rcinedy that sweeps o(T the whole catalogue ofentancoue disorders, and restores the enTire cuticle to iishealthy (uncrions. It is a remedy ihat forbids the necessity of so many and deleterious drugs laken inio the stomach. It is a remedy that neither sicken3. gives inconycñ'.eDce. or is dangerous to the inres ines. 1 1 preserves and dolends the surface fromal! 'leraiigeinent pf its fon qt o na, while it keeps open tlie chnnnels for the blood to void all iis impnrities and dispose of all i ts uselesá paiticles The 8iir(ncei8 the outlet o( tive-eij.bths ot" the !u!ií and used up tnaüér It is pierccl .- h millions ol openings to relieve tbe in:esíes. Stop up these pores. and dcatli knocks nt your door. Ii is rigfiUy térrhed AH-Healihg. lor there is scarcely a disease, external or imer nal. ihatit will not beutfif. I have used il lor the lust fourteen years, for all diseases ot tlu ctipst. eonsumption. livor, involving the utmost danger nnd responsibility. and I declare beore Ileaven and mnn, (hni noi n one single cose haf it failed to henfi'. when the patiënt waswi;hin (he rench t' mort.'il menns. I hnvc liad physicians, Icnrned in thc profession; 1 have had ministers oí (he Gospel. JAdgí-son the Bench. Aldermen and liawyars. gen ilemen ofthe highesterudiiion and multitudes o the pior, use it in every variety of way. ntut ihere has been but one voice. one 'tnited. univer salvoicc, saying, "McAlister, your Üíntment if good!" CONMJMrTIOK. Tt can hardly be credited that a 6alvo con have any eHect upon he lunas, reuted as they nre wi'thin the systein. Bal wáiy once for all, ijin.i this Ointment will reach ihe lungs quieker thar, any medicine that can be given iniernally. Thus. i!' placed upon the chest, it penetratee direcily to ;li3 liíbgs, separatcs ihe poisonous particles thai are consuming thcm, and expela ihem from the 8ystsm . I neednot eay thnt it is cunngperson6Ot Consumption conrinuaÜy, althougli we are told it is Ioolishne8s. I care nol what is said. so long at. I can cure eeverül thousand persons yearly. HÏ.'.D ACH;. This Salve hsciíxcd persons of the Head Ache ot 12 yearsstaiiling. and who had it regulorlj every week, so that voniiiiig of en took place. Denfness and Ear Ache are helped with the like 8uccess. as also Ague in the Face. COI.D KÍ5ET. Coiisumption. Livcr complaint, pains in thtchest or stdc, f-illin,' of the hair. one or the oihei rilwaysnccomniinies C-'ld feet. It is a sure s:gn of disense in thfi systcm to have colrf l et. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspiration nnd thus cure every cafe. I Scrofula, Erysipelas and Salí Rheum, ond other dis"(iFes of this nntnie. n iniernul remedy Uasyetbec-ti disiovcrcd tlmt ia so eood. Th iarfio may be snid of Brochiiis, Quincv. Por. Throai, Piles, Spinal Diseases, Broken or Son Breas. Xrc. And ns for the C'. est Dipeasp?. Bch ns Asth ,nn, Pain. pppr'-'Wion nnd the like, it is the most ivbnderiiil nnfidoic in the World. F-r Iivcrrcniphilnt il is cqu-illy pmenpiuimLyr Burns it h'is not hasitarqual in the World , iIpo. Kxcn-scnces of every kind. suchas Wnrts Tumors Pimples, &c, it makea clean work o: ihem all. SOR E KYK8. The inflnmmation nnd disenso alwoys üesWl oí thc hall of thn o ve in ihe sneket Henre th virtue of nny medicine must n-nch the Efiff.l ol ihe inflnnation or it will d Imlc erood. The Snlve. if rubbed on the tPmplff. wil! penetratf direclly into thesocket. The pores will beopened. a proper perspirntion will becrontcd and tlu diicase will soon P'ifs r.ffiothe sur'nce. P1MPI.ES ON THE FACE, FRKCKt.ES, TAN, MASCÜLINE 8K1N, CROSS SURFACE. Iufirat actiën toJtl humor. Itwilit ceasc ilrait.g till (lie lace 'm free from nny Hier tliat niy bc lodged under tin: kin üii Ji iqucntly breaking out to the surface. Il the iül3. When licie is nuthing biu grossnese, 01 ill repulsivo BiiiTucr, it béin8 to suiicrïand t'ten uniil the skin becornes assmooth und t'tliie ai a cluld's. It throws a líeshru'ss nnd ushing culor upo the now whjte, transpiren! ,in. that ie pcrlectly Óoctiniiting. Sonic tinrs case oí Ffecklea i wiü firsl sutrt out tiios int havo I .- 1 : 1 1 imiilen mui fcetn buiseldom. l'iJ m tho Silve and all will soon disjji:ar. WOKS. Ifpnrents knew how l'uial most med'cineswen y hád re 11 tdken inwnrdiy, the y wouíd bc blow resart to theui. Especinliy mercurial„" íís." calied "medicaied lozenges," pills, Ve. 'hc tru tli s. nu 011c c 111 teil, invarïnbly, when 'urnis are present. Now let inesty toparems. is lat this Salve will ulwiys teil il' a clnld hasI' rürma. lt 11 drivo every vustige oí tlicni as ay. This is a sinipíe nnd sníc curo. There is probably no medicino on tho face of h heearih at unce so sureand so safo in the ex e ulsioii of worms. " li wuuld bc cruel, noy wicked, to t'ivc inters ml. doubtful medicines, so loiijjas a hnniiii-ss, ;' xicrnnl one could be liad. toii.kt. J Althouáh I hnve sutil hule ahont it na n hnfr c s&torutive, yet I willsiuke il oguinsi ihe World! Phey tnny bring ihcir Oils lar and ncnr, and ' nine will restoro the hair two cuses to theirone. Ol.I) SORKS. MOKTIKICATIONS. IM.CKHS. KTC. Th'it sou. e Sores are an outlei to the l ;ie of the systcni, is hecause they ennnot pnss I ifT through tho nam nl dbibnnola of the ' Ie Perspirstipn. If such sores nic healed up. ' :hc iinpuritics must h;ivo sotTie oihcr ouilet. or it ' will endanger life. This is the reason why it is impoütic 1j use the conunon Salve of ihc day ' in snch nnsps. For thcy hnvc no power to open ' iMho' avenues, to iet oti' thi morbid maller, and ' thu consfiucnces me ahynya fatul. This Salve ' will always irovide for such enicrgencics. diskasks ov chii.i) u:. FIow niany ihousands are swopt oíT ly givinp internn.l medicines, whnn tluir yóiiirg boriic ( nnd tender frames ;irc uhabLe to bcai up ;ieainsi them? VVlinlé a'mies are time sent to ihe'u graves ínernly tr in pouring inio th'.-ir wenk stonisehs powerfnl ond physicfi! lt is to such tliai ïhe All-EIealins Oihíínent tenders so sale, plonsiint. aud hnrmlcss n cure PlicK cjhi íes ns Croup. Ciiolic. Cholera Jnfantum. Wonns, nnd all Slimmer Comptaims. by which so ninny chil'Iren die. the Ointment will remove su epeedily nnd aurely, that a physiciüii will ncver be lu-cded. Rlothers! tliroughoiii uil this land. we now snloninly nnd sncredly declare to you that the All-llealinfj Ointinent will sive your children from nn cjiily il you wi!l use it. We are not now aciuated by th lenst desire to siiin: hut knowing as we do that vnst bodies of ininnta und children die ea'rly: which is supposed to lie inevitable and itnpossiblo t jieent, wc hold up uur warnins voice, ■md decl'ire iri the face ol tlicvvhiile world. CU1LUREN N'KED .NOT DIE MORE THAN OTfJEUSÜ "But it is ftom the want ef proper nourisbmen! nnd the constant drutfjing they ündefgo which mows (heni down n6 the rank grass lalls befortthe scythe. Motliers! we repcat again. and if they were thelast wdrds we were ever to utter. nnd ot ciinrse past ïhe rench rtí all interest, we would say. "usetlic All-llcaling OtiUtuent foi sicknefs among children." KUKt.'M.iTlSM. It removM nhnost imincdiately the infiaronlion nnd Bwelling, when the pain of course ceabcs. jFEvens. Tn cTses of fevcr. thu difilculty lies in tin poros heiníT locked up. 80 that the hsat and pertp'ratin cannot pass olF. Il the least noisiun could le starled, the crisis ia pns-öed nnd lu-lansier over. The All-llcnlmg Omitnent will in all cuses ol fovers almost instanily unlock tht dkin atid briiijr forth the prspiration. TKMAI.E COMFMAÏNISIntliimation ui the. kidneye, ol the vein)h. aiui itstallnig down. w%nknc88. nnd irregúlníity"; in sh'Tt. ;i!l those diiliculrics whi.'h nro ftcqniai a iih ffiualcs. fiiu rcady nnd permanent ri'liel. Wo have had aged adies teil us they could nut live six inor.ths without it. Bui to tamales about tubeciimc motliers. if usen for some weeks amecedent to their confmement. very few of those pains and convulsions which attend tlrem at thnt period will be feit. Thisfact ought to beknown the woild over. SCAT.D KF.D. We have cured ceses thnt actunüy dcfied everytliine known, as woll ns the ability of fifteer. r iwenty doctors. One man told us he hm! spent $500 on his clnldrcn wiihout ar.y benefit, when a few boxes of the Öintmcnt cured iheni. COHNS. People need nevcr be troubled with iheni f they will uso it. Ás a FA: VI Y MEDICINE, no mn-i can mensure iis valué. So long a the stnrs roll liona over the Heavcns - o ione ns man treads the earth. subject to all ïhe infirmities oi the l]csh - so long 06 diseuse and sickne6s is known jtist so long will ihis Ointmcnt be used nnd estfemcd. When man ceases from off the earth. ihen ihedernand will cense, and not uil then. To nllny nll nppiehenHtons on nccount of iifingrediente, in possessingisuch powerfulproperties, we will state that it is componed of porno ol the most cninmon and harmless herbs in existencc There is no mercury init. asean be leen from the fact that itdocs not injuro the skin om pnrticle. while it will pnss throunh and pbysu the bowcls. JAMlfca McAl ISTER &■ CO. 1C8 Souih eticet. N. York. Solo pröprietor of the ábove Medicine, o whom nll Communications nnm he nddresscd (postpaid). Pricc 5ccnis and TjO cents. fjyCAUTION.,0 As tho AIlTIcnüng Ointment has heen sratly counterfeited, we have i.':ven this ctiiuion to thepubhe. that "no Oiiïtment will be genuinc unles8 ïhe nnmes of Jamt? fticAlister, or Jatpes McAlimer &- Co., are writtcn w;h a pen upon eve-y Inhel." The label is a steel engrnving. wiih the figuro oí "Insensible Perspiration" on the face. Now we herehy offer a reward of $500, to br paid on conviction. in any of the constiiu'ed courts ol the United States, of nny individual counterreiiina o'.t nnmc and Oinunent. MAYNARD'S. Anti Arbor, Whilealc ApntB; Smiih & Tyrel), Clinton: Ketchum L afmtihT, Tecumseh: ü. C. Whitwood. Dèxtor; ll.tBowcr. Mauchesier; Joíirí Owen & Co.. Deroit; Harsran &. Cook, Brooklyn. Dcc. 18, 145. 244- Iy Osa f land Aaisi! THE Subscribir would respnclfully nonfy the puDlic, that he is loclied unce more in the village of Ann Albor, nd i prep'ircd to the conimunity with n choice and well aelocted npFrttnfin of ET23W GOODS, fonsistinc ot Dttv Goons. GhoCKinis IIakdwvur.. Boo'S A$v Sh:s. ("rjckiuy &c. &o.. whiih he will Peil for READY PAY us clietij is the san:e qunhiy of Gooda cun be had at an oiher store in town. Persons who wiph to muke parchases for Cash. nt Catli I'ricea, will do we!l tu ca!l bnforepurclia sinji clsewhere. Bv keepthtj the firt qunlity of anieles, by sell inff at emnll piofiis, and by a fair and honoab! cüurse in business, he expeets to merit a libera shnre of pulilic patronn::. Most kinds pf COUNTRY PRODUCE will be tikcn in psivnont for Goods. tLT Con't. fwg-.t the place. - on the Enst Sid .■I Main Street, u úw doór 6'inh of thf Pulilit Souare, in the siunceioie with C Ulisc, Jcwokr M. WIIEKLER Anu Arbnr. Nov. C4. 1'6 29-tf "Tire and dissolution. NOTICE is herrby given that the CopnrVnèrship !;O■:"' "e 'xis mir hetweeii ih Su! ecriberp. ïhis iliMply'Cd by tiitiui! enn sent AH peroii8 indcbied lö snid finí', are requrK'ed in c:il! (..ibwiih nnd er tile., ns 'r.!"8 'y fire tenders it nces3nrv that imn-edinin pfty,'rnt fthonM le mnde. Tho nccounis are lef' with Sabin Fe!ch. at the oW fnd SfARïN FEI CU. EMWUEL MAKN. Ann Arbr. ffóv. 14, 1846. N. B. F'-lch wil! continuo in the Boot. Shoe. & Lei'her Business, as umol. whore he hopes that nll his old patronp. nnd the pjblic cenerallv will favor hitn with thnr pntronapp. 2!)l-3m SABIN FKLCH.