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■ " lt is very questionable how far the Clergy may engage in tlio politica! discussions which agítate :he country from time to tirne, without njury to their holv calling. We apprehend tliat any interIcrence in the open quesïions, at present ngitated by politicians, to -sav the least is in very bad taste ; more especinlly THE SETTLED QÜESTION OF THEPLANTER'S RIGHTIN THE UNDISTURBED POSSESSION OF IirS OWN PROPERTY, RE IT COTTON, CORN, OR NEGROES. -HUVs Patriot. #5 The last ndvices from the war represent that Santa Anna had put his troops in motion townrds Saltillo, with a view of attacking the división of the American Army at that place, before a junciion could be formed with theother divisions. This news, however, is not confirmed, and is doubied by many. A defeat, although slight in itself, might be most disastrous in its consequencos on a small army like ours, covering an o.xtent of country three hundred miles wide, and four or five hundred miles long ; - a country nlled only with a hostilo popuiation. tt?" The waters in the Ohio rivers have risen to a most ext raordinary height, and much damage has been done. (t7 Justices Criminal Warrants just printed, and for snle at this ofilce in any quantity.