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.'f mi, Jirbor TUK nhde'rsigned Rnving nun-ln sec int ïnteresisofhis partr.erii: te Business. wou TH inforni ifie inhnhiinn'soi iliisoixl a.ljo;ninsj cour.iies. thnt he continúes he business u ihe rild srnnd io Upper Tuwn, near the Presbverian I pjúirch, where l wïfl ;iniifactiire 10 orH-r, Monumcnts, Gr-ive S f ones Paint Sonc, Tállete, Sfc. Sfc. Those tyishing i obioiri nny nrtiele in h of business will find by cállihg ih'hi he hl sortmmt ofWhiie and Variegated M - ' the Enstorn Mnrbíe Quirriee. whti . wrousht in Modern siyle, aiíd solilítít ëlst'érn ces, adling transporiation only. Qa pikJ theproof. J. M. ROCKWFLL: Ann Arbor, July P, 18-16. 27-íy r-jpIlE SÜBSCRIBER hasrcceivcd his A winter siocU, wiiich hooöyra iur Cu!at greatly rduced prices. The lJuulic are mvitcd to cali, examine, nnd jr.dye lor iliemsolvet. iTuv on hand. nnd daily adiiing SOF AS of every varieiy and pntiem. nd 'he lnieat ínshion. pnces Iroin fi-il) und upw.,:.. OÍVÁNS, OTTOMANS. LOUNGES ÚUREÁUSJ of ai! kinds, l'roin $1 and up. Cen:ru. Card, Tea, Dress, l'ier, Dininy. air.i Nest Tables. Wabli. C::ndle, und Toilet Stands. Bedsjead - Mahogany, Maple, and Wiluui. liifin ."- and up. Piuno Fortes ; Pínno Covers ; Piano Stools. DúubJe and tingle Matresbes ol hair. shuck, palm ledf or s'.iaw. Doublé ortd sinylo Cot Bedsteads. do do WntinK Dioüs. CIJAIRS - The heit íisóüa.iiont lint can b: found weal oi New York and the cheapest in ihis ciiy. Vindsjr Cliairs, a good articlo, at $2 50 the sett. Maliogcny Fiench (hairs. hair sent, n ñrt rate ai tic!'1, and weil finïehed for .'! 5 ;. C:il) iily. MaljOijany Rockifjj: Cisairt-.. hüïi" al nnd ü.icU, wairamed goed, at the iov prac oí $1!, lor tbc casli only. Fine nnd Cane Seat from 6s. and up. Bird Cagès, plain and galiery : Uird Gl.isscs. Hobby Ilorses, and Toy VVheelbarrow?. ;forchil dien; Patent Shower and }Jip B.nhs ; Butifon Bain Paus, Camp SíixjI. Lniórella and I lat isiande, Fo'iicj BuÜnwe. Fooi Scrnpers, Cone Seat Couaier und Boat Stoolt-, Cuftain maierial. Table covers, Pnienc Post-Oftice Picture Frames. VVillow AVagons. Cradles, Chaira. Clocke, and Baskets ; Britiutinia Tubiu pastor, very cheap. Mahogany and Rosewood Venccrs ; Varnish nnd Japan : Bronze, Mahoyuny K.nobs, Locks. Gluff, Curled Hair, and Cane Scats. Also, a large nssortincnt of American Castora, expre3sly lor Cnhinet Makers, very Kenp. Cash and the highesi market price pifid foi any quantity of' Wulnut and Cherry Luinber. I wtll also contract for any quantity of firs nite Walnut Luinber. 10 be 6awed to order, and delivered by the Ist of June next. J. W. TJLLMAN, No. f:7. Jeflerson Avenue. Detroit, Jannary 1, 1847. 297-1 y THE LIBERTY MINSTREL ONE HUNDRKD COPIKS of the fifth om tion of his hjghly popular work are for sile nt ihc Sisnal office nt 50 cents single, or 4, 50 per dozen. Terms Cash. Now is the time for Liberiy choirs to stipply thcrn.elves. tVlTI. S. BROWIV, Attorney 8f Counselor at Law. ANN ARBOR, MICH. CFF1CE with E. Müney, V.sci. 297-ly 3ISflIè? G VITAR, BRASS VIOL, AND VIOLIN STRING8, jnst rtioeivod by Dcc J, lclü yü C. BLISS.