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Abstemious Diet

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Many cases of illness, both in adulls l and children, may be readily cured by nbstiiience from all food. Ileadachea, ", disordered slomachs and many other i tacks are caused ofien by violating the i rules of health ; and, in consequence, I some part of the system is overloaded or some of the organs clogged. Omitting one, two, or thtee meals, as the case may bc, gives the sysiem a chnnce lo ' rest, and allows the clogged organs to dispose of their burdens. Tho practice ofgiving drugs to ' clear out the stomach,' always weakens the sysiem ; whüe abstinence secure the good result, without doingany injury. Said a gentleman to a distingoished medical praciitioner in Phila'ïelphia : ' Doctor, what do you do for yourself when you have a turn of headache, er other slig!u atiacks 1 ' Go without mv dinner,' was the reply. 'And if that doos not cure you, what then ? ' ' Go without slipper.' ' But, f that does not cure you, what then ? ' Go without my break fast. We physicians seldom take medicine ourselves, or uso them in our families, wc know thatstarving is better; but we can not makc ourpatients believe it.' Mony cases of slight indisposition are cured by a change of diel. Thus, f u person suffers from consti pation, has headaches, slight altacks of fevcr, ordyspepsia, the cause moy often be removed by eating rye mush and molasses, baked i apples, and other fruits. i Mr. Belknap has commenced the use L of gun-cotton, in blasiing, on the line I of the Vermont Central Railroad. Il t has also been used for the same purpose