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The Evils Of Smoking

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Sir R. H. Bonnycastlo, in his work on 'Canada and the Canadians," just publi-shed in England, nltributes the ruin of many of the settlers to immoderate indulgences in tobáceo. He says : - " Smoking to excess is anothcr source of immense evil in the backwoods. A man is accumtomed to the lowest and vilest of tobneco. Smoking all day, from the hour of rising, is, I actually believe, more njurious to the nerves than hard drinking. It paralyzesexertion. I never saw nn Irish laborer with his hod arid bis pipe, mounting a ladder but I wns sure ho was an idler. I never had a groom tliat smoked much who took proper care of tny horses ; and I never knew a gentleman seriously add.ctfd to smoking who cared much for any thing bryond ! sel f."