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It is with mortificntion ihut we this woek record an a?t of subserviency on ihe part of our state senators, dNgraceful to us as a free people. Upon tak ing a vote on the 12th inst., in relaiion to tho Mexican war, Mr. Lathrop proposed to inserl into the laudalory resolution a proviso, hat in the opinión of the Michigan Legislature, slavery shouïd not be permitted in theconquered terntory. This proviso was voted down by a vote of eleven to nine. The senators who stood up liko men of courage and recorded their votes in favor of the principies of human lib erty were Mr. Coe, Mr. Ilix, " Green, Schwarz, " Lnthrop, Toll, " M'Reynold, " Witljerbee. The Senator?, who, to the mortificalion and disgrace of their constituents, and their own everlasting infamy voted against the proposilion, were Allen, B;ilch, Bush, Cook, Dnnlorih, Eldredge, Fenion, Fitzgerald, Kibbee, Maynnrd nndThurber. Wc encirelp their namesin black lines, ns tiie most nppropriaie mark by which 'ú-,oy should iieieai'ter be known among norihern freemen ;- and as indicative of I the approaching day, when their vote and tno record the reo f, will be expunged from our state archives, by the voice of an indignant community. Traitors to the north - traitors to the names and glorirs of our forefathera - traitors to the eternal principies of human freedom - they ought cert.'iinl) to ex peet hereafter neither the confidence nor respect of freemen. Wlien the southern locofocos forced upon these men the mensure of annexing Texos, they bowed the knee, and tlirew their votes and infiuencfl in favor of tlio scheme. When the cloven fut wasdisclosed by Polk in his veto inesage, and the Nortii was told emphatically that additiona: territory must be conquered lo i extend the nrea of bondage ; nnJ that northern harborsand northern commerco must be sacrifleed on the alter of negro slavery, it wns hoped that all northern, freemen resist any further enoroachmenls. In this hope we are disappointed - but we will not pursuc the subject.New Motive Power - or rat her nn old one newly applied : - We umlcn-tand, says an e.xchonge paper that an ngeni. Yankee has put up a saw mili, wbicl) S driven by the force of circustsanccs CC"1 The Massachusetts regiment of Voluntecrs is very slow m he'wtg ra;sed. It is said that Caleb Cushing, late Commissioner to Chiaa, wishes to be tho Colonel.