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Cassius M. Clay

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JYIony ot our leadera havo eoinc lingering interest ia dus in. in. wlio Qiight liavc incrited and received ihe grntmidcof unborn millions. Wc tiavc neforc us a letter from lum, dnied Comnr go. Dec. 10, Ironi wliich we make n few extracis for the benefit of" our rendéis who inay wish to know his uresent wliereaLouts : 'Afior some yéars of high-pressure lifc, I was glad once moro to get to myself and the woods } and whether ruminatirtg by day and night upon the vvidespread prairies of Texas, or pursuing the bufExlo upon the Bracos and Coío rado, or lnssoing the wild horse of the Nueces, a la Camancho, upon the "disputed " dcscrt, I eared lime for nowspnpers, the vindication of friends, or the denunciations of eneirms. Coming to Cornargo, I soe slccunboats and hear bclte ; and ncws-papcrs foroe upon me the tho't of folilics once more. Since I left home I have writteb no letten touohing my views upon politica] subjccts, and no one has had authoriiy to speak for mo. 1 1" I live to return, I shall, in due time, :ake care to write and speak so as not to be misunderstood. In the meantime, howover, J have no secrets; and I say in answer to your first inquiry - " My opinions of tho inslitution of Slavery are unchanged," - Wheiher Í shall continue to "edit the paper" or no, is problematical. It was never my original design to do so. I think 1 can he more efficiënt in " exerting" my " influence as heretofore for the establishment of freedom " in other ways. In going into this war I havo not been impoüed, as some of my apologisis woald haveit, by constitutional ardor, or Southern education. Neither have I been lur ed by.the vulgar ambition of military glory. I would far rnther have been Adams, at the vindication of ihe Right of Petition, than Wellington at the battleof Waterloo. I vvished to prove to the pcople of the South ihat I warred not upon them, but upon Slavery - that a man might hate Slavery and denounce lyranJs without be. ing the enemy of his country. Besides, the instincts of self-preservation, or rather oí natiunnl pre-servation, as wellas hislory, teach me that a con. stitutional declaration of war must besustained by all parties. My action, therefore, is a corollary from the admission of the Republican theory, that a legal majorily must rule. Have my denouncers found a bctlcr theory. When I spo:e against the Mexican war l said that I would figu it. I um aere to redeem my pledgo. I saw in anticipation the noble dead whom all now mourn. The million taxes coming wil) arouse those who were insensible to na. tionn] dishonor and personal woe. The people already begin to ask, what is all this for ? I venture to say that the millions on whom the burdenof this war rests will not love Slavery the more that il has caused it. It Uves only by the will of the people ; then speed the day when from the St.Johns to the Rio Giande, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, the sublime , enunciation shall be made, America is rcc."