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Convicts For The Army

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A bul has been introduced into the Señale of Arkansas by a Mr. Dickson, to auihorize the enüstment of convicts in the Penitentiary into the army of the United States. We know not how the mensure has been received in the democratie body, but tbr ourselves, we should be willing that every member who voted n favor of such a gratuitous insult ti) our gnllant li ti le army, shuld himself become on inmate of the Penitenliary. - JV. O. Bulletin. We think Mr. Dickson's idea was not a bad one. ít would be turningthe fighting and íerociousqualities of ihe convicts to good account. (C1 Mr. Henry Clay ís reported to have made a speech ata public dinner in New Orleans, of the follotving import : V 1 nm not altogether unobservnnt of the procecdings lelating to the condition, welfare and prospects of our country; nnd when I saw around to-night Gen. Brooke and other oíd friends, I feit half inclined lo ask forsomelitile nook or corner ol' the army, in which I might serve in avenging the wrongs of our country - [applause.] I havo thought that Í might yet he able to capture or to slay a Me.xican - [npplausp.] I shall not be able to do so, however, this year, but hope that süccess wil] still crown our gallont arms, and the war termínate in an honorable peace.."