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RlGHTS OP WoMEN TlJE HOMEstead Inalienable. - The following is the nrticle in iheConstitution of Wiskcnsan which guarantees to cvery wife her own property, and to every family a home, beyond ihe power of nlienation by a busband or father. The vote on iis passage stood - yeas G5 ; nays 31. Sec. 1. All proporty re;il and personal of the wife, owned by her at the time of her marriago, and abo that ncquircd by her after her marriage, by gift, devise, descent, or otherwise than f rom hor busband, shall be a separate property. Laws shall be passrd providing for the regtstry of the wife'fi property, and moro clearly defining the rights of the wife thereto, as well as to property held by her witii her hosband, and for carrying out the provisions of tiiis section. VVherc the wife has a separate propcriy from that of her husband, the same shall ho liable for the debts of the wife contract ed before marringe. Sec. 2. Fórty acres of land, to be selected by the owner thereof : or the homestad of a fíimily not exceeding forty acres, which said land shall not be included within any city or village, or instead thereof, (at the option of the owner) any lot or lois in any city or village, being the hometead of a family, and not exceeding in value one thousand dollars, shall not be subject to forced sale on execution for any debt or dobts growing out of or founded upon contract, eilher expressed or implied, made after the adoption of this Constuution. Provided, thnt such exemption shall not affect in any manner any mechanie's or laboror'slien, or any mortgage thereon lawfully obtained, nor shall he owner. if a married man, be at liberty to aliénate such real eslate, unloss by the consent of the wife.