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During the last fourteen years 2257 bulls and 2944 horses have been killed in buil iights at. Maarid. Mike Walsh is already on the move, it seems, in tlíe New York Assembly. He has oíTered a resolution declaring it expedient and proper to flx by law the hours of labor por day, and rnising a select committee on that subject. Mr. Samuel White, cf Bristol, Rhode Island, has this weok sold upwards of GOü busliels of fine looking onions, whichare to be ship,)ed at New York for the London market, We should not bö urprised if vessels should enter our harbar next season to load entirely wtth onions for Europo, The sleam saw milis of Mr. Nelson, near Frederickton, New Brunswick, were deslroyed by fire on the 15th inst. Loss about $24,000, No insurance, Tweive to fifteen buildings in Chillicothe, O., including stores, mechanic shops and dwellings were destreyed by fire on Salurday night last. Farther particulars of the loss of the American ship Creóle, state that of 147 on board, the captain and 47 others per ished. It is cstimatcd in the St. Lquis Union that thirty-six good and substantial buildings have been erectcd during iho two last years. Emigrants. - During the month of December there arrived at New Orleans, principallyfrom Bremen and Havre, about sLx thousand emigrants. Platius,, when he beheld the dead body of his wife before him, threw him-elf upon the corpse and instantly expired. A Reverend Volunteer. - The Rev. VV. H. T. Barnes isa volanteer in Capt. Naylor's company, from Philadelphia, at Pittsburgh, en route for Mexico. The Rev. John Angel James has publicly announced his determination not to acceqt the degree of D. D., oíTered lo him by the London University. James Fields, found guiltv of the murder of his owu mother, was hungat Leavenworth, Indiana, in theprosence of about two thousand spectators, male and female. On the first attempt to hang him, the rope gave way, and he feil to the ground.