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Horrible Outrage

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An atrocious iet wad coinmitted at Dnrby, last week, causiug -quite d sensacatión in that village. A culoced nai) who had lived (rom Uisöoyhood in ihat ( neighborhood, -s efíticed away by n ; constable (rom Baílimoro, under , tence of high wages, to atttnd on a gentleman in a journey thraugh vania. Uc was tnken mto Maryland, secure'! and conducted to Baltimorp, where by the inhuman torture of the lash, he was mnda to confess himself a slave, in the presenco of whito wknesses He was then taken to Sl-itor's prison to be sent to the South in a coflle this week, unless ighthundred dollars be raised for his redemption. The humane citizensof Darby, aided by some Philadeljhians, have raised the sum and forwarded itfor his rr-scue. But humanity sickens ot the recital of such atrocilies committed in our own borders, with the sancfion of law; ihe only escape for the wretr.hed victims of the slave-power, being, the payment into the hands of ihe ruthless opprossor, a sum sufficint to enable him to reduce two orthree moro ofthe free-born children of this Republic to hopeless bondage.-Pcnii. Frteman. (t?" A friends writes us from Burr Oak, St. Joseph Co : - " Our Townuhip meetings last Spring and the present, have been contested wholly on the issue of proslavery and ntislavery. The Whigsand Democrats unHg - both years making their nomiiations first - carefully discarding anv candidato -who had ever manifested any sympatby for antislavery men or measures. Lnsl aping they beat us about two to one. This Spring their highest mnj. (out of 107 votes polled) was 17, vhile their lowest maj, (whleh was on Justice) was 7. We must believe either that the leading Whigs or Democrats united for the offices, or else on pure proslavery principies. And is it possibie thatftfter lhey have quarreled for so many years with so niuch bittrrness, thtthey will unite to put down antislavery principies, especially afier making so loud pretensions of being opposed to slavery 1 " flÜThe receipfs will bO acknowledgod


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