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A Miss More, ti young lady of great beauty, says the N. Y. Tribune, goes into the en ges nmong the liuns and tigers in Raymond & Waring's Menagerie, and mñkes tliis íurious brutea submit tamely to her nutliority. This is cerlainly an extensión of petticoat government authority which looksominoue. We advise Miss Moore to try hor powers upon the brutes at present ravaging Mexico. Heiservices might be worth a hundred W 1mot Provisos. - Chronolype. The Grent Falls Transcript savs that Benvick, one of the oldest towns in the Slate of Maine, ard numbcring some thousand inhabitants, lias not at the present time, either lawyer, physician, or clergyman residing witliin its limits. A IIoggish Conveyance. - A farmer of Si. Albans, Vt,, is said to have recently made a grand entree into that place, mounted on a small car drawn by four large hogs. He entered the town on a brisk trot, amidst the acclamations of hundreds, who ivere soon drawn together to witness tliis uncommon spectacle. 'Afier making the tour of the market place three or four times, he went into the wool-pack yard, had his swinish caltle unharnessed and taken into a stcible togetlier, where they were regaled wilh a trough full of beans and wash. They remained about two hours, white he dispalclied his business as usual at the market, when lliey were put to the car and drivcn home again, multitudes cheering him. The man, it is said, has only had these animáis under trainijig six montlis. Father Mattiiew. - This noble ehampion of Temperonce has fixed upon the early part of next spring as the period of his visit to this country. Gas. - Mr. Castor, of Boston, hasdiscovered a new mode of generating gas from common rosin, which possesses the mporlant ndvantnge of great economy, and emits a light of remarkable brilliancy. A Remarkable Case. - We yesterday saw a letler from a distinguished physician in London, to another in thii city, in which the writer alluded to one of his paticnls, a lady of thirty-five, who had had thirty-two children at sixteen births, namely- 4 twice, 3 three times, whiLt most of the others were twins. This beats the case of the Germán mother.who had thirty-two daughters at sixteen births. Philadtlphia lnquirer. A man named P. M. Deshong, is astonishing the 'natyves' of New York with the most surprising operations in Arithmetic, in an incredibly short space of time. The Tribune says - "The celerity of his piocesses beats all we ever saw before, though we have heard of Zerah Colburn and other marvels in that line. What would you think of a man adding up a column of the vulgerest kind of fractions, and telling you just what they all amounted to, as quick as you could say 'Jack Robinson V He reckons interest a great deal faster than we could pay it - say on twenty scraggy sums for all sorls of broken terms in a minute." Tülegraph Lines. - There are three thousand and forty-seven mües of Telegraph lines finished, two thousand eight hundred and twelve in progress of erection, and seven thousand eight hunhred and forty-nine contemplated n the U. S.