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General Taylor In New Orleans

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The papera contain tbe particular of the entry of Gen. Taylcr in N. Orleans. We fire rsiir.d ihnt 't w s a great & glorious pageant" - "a spene of grandur" - "grand and imposjlg" - '' aflecting from ils sublimity." - "fhe loud boom of the cannon" - "the wild shouts from the shore" - "tlie triumphal nrch," with inscriptions in letters of gold- " acc'.amations actually deafening " - " chcers amoun'.ing almost to phrenzied enthusiasm;" &c, &c, all coavey the hveliest impresión of the hearttuess with which the General was receivtd, and the disposition of the people to sbbut over deeds of blood and carnnge, and glorify thii most successful human The account says, "The vast extent of tie Si. Charles suddpnly became olie blaz of light about G o'clock in the eveniag, nnd the strceis leading to it were deièely crowded by persons of every condition in society. - Between the pillara of the colon ade in front of the buílding,l-were suspended large variegnted lanterns under chaplets of live oak. In front of the ladies' parlo r, was a transporency ofbe General, in the old brown coat, with the motto, "A lit tle more grnpe,Capt. Bragg!" In front of the gentlemen's parlor was another transparency of the -General, with the words-, "I have no to give you, but Mnjor Bliss and [ will support you!" In variouaparts of the building there were other Bppropriate transparencies and devicos, adding much to the general effect."