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As our Legislalure is'soon to mref, i may be well to cali llie attention of the people, Ihe press; and our law makersto the subject of ihe Adultery law of Michigan. It will be recollected that threé or four years since, the act for punishing Adultery was repealed. Whether the IegisIators repealed the act for thoir ovvn benefit, or for the dear people, (hey did not inform us. But as the people did not elect them for any such purpose, it may justlv be inferredjhat thcy did the business for their own benefit. The people, and such public prssses as were conducted by menof virtue and morality manifested such á decided and indignant disapprobation, that the next Legislature enacted laws for punishing the crime. By refering to the late Revised Slatutes, page 681, it will beseen that a seclion is added, whieh provides that, no pcrsnn can enter complainlfor the crime of adultery excepl the husband or tefe of ihe accused. This section virtually destroys the act ; and no doubt that was the intention in adding il. Why did any pcrson want the act nulüfyed, unless that they might viólale it; knowing that fear, or pride wöuld prevent the wife from going to a magistraíe to fake out a warrant, or before a grand jury to enter complaint, With the act thus decapitaied, Iicentiousness may run riot in our midst, and there is no remedy, unless the husband or wife turn prosecutor, which would not be done once in a hundred cases. Why the people have been so quiet the past year on this subject, is difficult to imagine, unless the better part of community have not noticed that a section was added to the adultery for the express benefit of adtilferers and adulteresses. Wil! not the virttious arouse when their attention is called to this Decerrtbef 20, 184",